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Uanset om et elegant stykke til at bære dag-til-dag eller et diamant-sæt tilbehør til en aften ud, skal du opdage dit næste favorit stykke i vores valg.

Diamond bracelets offer grace, movement and spectacular scintillation. As with any handcrafted jewel, these items come in a range of styles to suit any taste, whether you are looking for a delicate, wearable piece or something more flamboyant.

For truly mesmerising sparkle, opt for a full set tennis bracelet. A relatively contemporary design, famous tennis player Chris Evert was known to wear a string of diamonds around her wrist during matches, thus popularising the design in the 1980s.

With a string of diamond closely attached together, tennis bracelets catch the light and provide an entrancing display of fire that follows your every movement. For something more subtle, a solitary cluster of diamonds or a single stone will provide an elegant touch to your outfit, which can be further accentuated by layering multiple bracelets, or matching your item with a pair of sparkling diamond studs.

Feel you have the perfect bracelet in mind? You can alter existing designs through our bespoke service to create the ideal fit. Whether you wish to change a design, adjust diamond sizes or add some colourful gemstones, our experts are on hand to help make your vision reality.


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