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Model falls on Burberry catwalk

Thursday, 23 September 2010 11:03
C. Twyman
Model falls on Burberry catwalk

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but heels most certainly are not!

The climax of London Fashion Week was the Spring/Summer 2011 Burberry Prorsum Show - but all did not go as planned when one of the models came a tumbling down during the finale.

Sitting in the front row were such fashionistas and fashion gurus as Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung, Cat Deeley and Anna Wintour who enjoyed the gorgeous 'heritage biker' collection that included statement studded jackets and stunning animal prints. However, they were also the closest witnesses to the tumble.

Below the jackets and prints however were very high and vertiginous heels which caused such problems that several models had to give up mid-runway and carry their shoes, while the teenage Nina Porter suffered a dramatic fall. It has now been claimed that many of the shoes were incorrectly sized for the models.

Cathy Horyn suggested that the shoes were the issue and tweeted: "Tough going for models, casting off heels." Showstudio called the shoes "savage," and Nylon's Faran Krentcil mentioned that when a model lost a shoe, actress Sarah Jessica Parker clapped from her front-row seat.

Suzannah Ramsdale from Sky Showbiz spoke to Burberry's creative director Christopher Bailey backstage to talk about the impressive fashion selection and what happened. Bailey explained his inspiration behind the collection:

"I wanted it to be a fusion between the historic, iconic trench coat and all the motorcycle work I found in the archives that Thomas Burberry had been exploring. I wanted it to be completely trans-seasonal as well. We're talking to a global digital audience and so it needs to be season-less - in some countries it's hot and in some countries it's cold so you need to challenge yourself very differently as a designer when you're talking to that kind of an audience."

Explaining what went wrong with the unfortunate fall, he said:

"Unfortunately we had some sizing issues with the shoes - and I'm beating myself up about it!"

All in all London Fashion Week went ahead with great success, and with their stunning outfits and confidence, the models seem to have got away with it, causing created great excitement for the finale.