Diamonds are Becky Stone's Best Friend...

Diamonds are Becky Stone’s Best Friend…

You may know the lovely Becky from her site Diamonds in the Library.  Becky describes herself as ‘a lady with a love for literature and shiny things’, as an English literature grad with an excessive diamond addiction, it felt only right for me (also an English literature grad) to find out a little more about her love of all things bejewelled.

The beautiful Becky Stone

The beautiful Becky Stone

Her route into the jewellery world is slightly less than traditional, it was while writing and editing for the US Federal government (where she worked for seven years!) that Diamonds in the Library was born – after three years of blogging alongside her longtime career, Becky decided to take the leap and make Diamonds in the Library her full time job.  Now, she has built up an incredible following with over 42,000 followers on Instagram!  What stands Diamonds in the Library aside from other jewellery bloggers?  Well, the library side of course (Diamonds in the Library…get it?), which consists of in-depth, eloquently written book reviews.  Who’d have thought jewellery and literature could make such a perfect pair?

Lets find out why diamonds are Becky Stone’s best friend…

1. What do diamonds represent to you?

To me, diamonds represent strength and endurance. They’re a beauty that lasts through time, and that has such meaning to me. Also: I love the way they sparkle.

2. What would your fantasy engagement ring look like?

My own engagement ring is antique: 1930′s hand-engraved platinum with a chubby old mine cut diamond. If I were to have another one (a girl can dream!) I’d have to choose between a big, beautiful asscher or a chunky antique cushion or old mine cut. I love the personality of older cut diamonds.

3. What is your favourite item of clothing or outfit to wear with diamonds?

I wear diamonds with anything! I’m a big fan of pairing little bits of luxury with any outfit, even the most casual. I’m actually working at a coffee shop right now, wearing three rings (diamond, pink sapphire, and diamond/emerald) and diamond and opal earrings with yoga pants.

4. Rings, earrings or necklaces?

I love all three for different reasons. Necklaces tend to be my most sentimental pieces of jewellery, because they’re the closest to my heart. Rings, I’m most likely to buy for myself, since they often start in lower price points and they’re also fun to buy because you can see them so well while you’re wearing them. Earrings, though – I never leave the house without earrings.

5. Best place to wear diamonds in London?

Everywhere! As you know from my answer above, I love to wear fine jewelry all the time, as long as I’m not doing something that could endanger my jewels (like exercising or working with my hands). But the most fun is when you go somewhere fancy, and can really bring out your serious pieces and put on an outfit to match them.

And here are some of my 77 diamonds picks:

1. The Borghese necklace – the unexpected second diamond on this beauty adds a sensual edge without sacrificing simplicity.

Borghese Necklace by 77 DIamonds: SHOP NOW

2. The Lumiere diamond drop earrings – the epitome of glamour.

Lumiere Earrings by 77 Diamonds: SHOP NOW

3. The Celestia ring – I love the negative space in this piece. It would have such impact on the finger.

Celestia Cocktail Ring by 77 Diamonds: SHOP NOW

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