Diamonds in the Sky: Find the 77 Diamonds star for a chance to win an array of amazing prizes!

How would you like to win £1000 towards a diamond ring of your choice? Or one of our beautiful ring and bracelet sets? We’re offering five lucky winners the chance to get their hands on some incredible prizes over the next five weeks – read on to find out more!

You may have already seen our beautiful and unique virtual universe, Diamonds in the Sky, which recreates the night sky and allows you to dedicate your very own star – whether to yourself, a friend or a special loved one. As well as being able to dedicate a one-of-a-kind gift to that certain someone, we’re also giving you the chance to win some amazing prices, including real diamonds!

Diamonds in the Sky

How do you play?

Once a week for the next five weeks, we’ll be announcing the name of a specific star in the Diamonds in the Sky galaxy. All you have to do is find it, click on it, and tweet the link out. This will enter you into a prize draw, and the winner will be announced at the end of each week. Don’t worry if you can’t find it – we’ll also be tweeting out clues throughout the week.

 Step by step

  1. Check the 77 Diamonds twitter page (@77Diamonds) to find out which star you are looking for and clues as to where you can find it.
  2. Head over to the Diamonds in the Sky universe ( and start searching for the hidden star.
  3. Once you’ve found the star, click on it and tweet the automated message that appears.
  4. We will announce the winner each week on Twitter so keep an eye out!

 What can you win?

We have five incredible prizes on offer, one for each week – take a look below to see what you could win!

•             Week One – A Fleur diamond ring and bracelet set

•             Week Two – £1000 towards a diamond ring

•             Week Three – A £500 shopping spree at Selfridges

•             Week Four – A Harrods hamper with chocolate, nibbles and Prosecco, worth £150

•             Week Five – A Bow diamond ring and bracelet set

Terms and Conditions

The Competition is open to residents of the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man aged 18 or over, other than employees of 77 Diamonds, their families, associated agents, or anyone professionally connected with the promotion. Only one entry per week per person will be permitted. The winner will be chosen at random and notified within 30 days via Twitter, containing details of how to claim the prize. We will tweet the winner and ask them the DM us their address. The prize will be subject to availability. If any of the items selected are out of stock you will be asked to make another selection. The prize must be claimed within 14 days of notification being sent. If the prize is not claimed within this time 77 Diamonds reserves the right to select an alternative winner. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or otherwise and no cash alternative will be offered. 77 Diamonds reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or higher value in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Liability cannot be accepted for entries which are lost in transit or not received by 77 Diamonds. The winner is chosen at random, any decision taken by the promoter is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Men’s Jewellery Is Catching On!

When I interviewed  the former chief executive of Boucheron, Jean-Christophe Bedos, seven years ago and asked him about the concept of male jewellery, he was highly sceptical. “I think it’s a marketing gimmick and I’m not in favour of looking at this for an opportunity for growth. I feel strongly about this,” he told me.

But nowadays men’s luxury jewellery has become more popular than ever. Euromonitor recently revealed that British spend on men’s luxury jewels amounted to a glittering £110.5 million in 2012 and £114.8 million in 2013, each year representing 15 per cent of the market compared to women. In China and France, men’s jewellery makes up an even higher proportion of total luxury jewellery sales.


It doesn’t take a GIA certified gemmologist to realise established jewellers have longstanding relationships with their male customers, sometimes built up over years, even if it’s their wives, girlfriends, mums and daughters they’ve been buying the diamond jewellery for. A strategy of catering directly to these valued male customers appears to be working.

77 Diamonds made its first foray into men’s jewellery with the launch of its now popular diamond Mengagement rings. Another jeweller I spoke to recently told me that while the ultra rich have already purchased all the cars of their dreams, they’re looking for an alternative way to spend their money on high end luxury customised items.

Pyramid Cufflinks

77 Diamonds is now continuing to tempt its male audience, with a series of beautifully finished, tactile white gold cufflinks in square, circle and pyramid styles, which can be customised with an engraved initial, white and black diamonds or blue sapphires. Created by the brand’s in-house jewellery designer, previously responsible for creating cufflinks for Tateossian and Armani, the collection made its debut last month when the male members of the 77 Diamonds team wore the cufflinks at Royal Ascot.

“We’re excited to be catering to men for the first time,” says 77 Diamonds Managing Director Tobias Kormind. “In reality, we’ve been looking after our male customers for years. It’s just now they’re finally able to wear our jewellery.”

For more information about Claire Adler, take a look at her website at and for more information about the 77 Diamonds cufflinks collection, please click here.

A Showroom Proposal… The story behind the recent engagement at 77 Diamonds!

On a daily basis in our London showroom we have people come to purchase an engagement ring, whether it be a gentleman looking for his beloved or a couple looking together to find the perfect ring. When Antonio Peruga contacted us and asked if he could book an appointment to look at engagement rings with his girlfriend we assumed it was like any other appointment… However, imagine our delight when Antonio told us he wasn’t telling his girlfriend where she going and that he intended on proposing in the showroom before their appointment!

And that is exactly what happened… A few weeks ago, Antonio and Kathryn arrived at our Mayfair showroom and as they entered our reception area, Antonio dropped down on one knee to a surprised (yet delighted) Kathryn and 77 Diamonds was there to document the proposal!

Antonio gets down on one knee!

Antonio gets down on one knee!

Kathryn of course said “Yes” and the couple proceeded to their meeting in order to choose the perfect ring for the newly engaged couple. We caught up with the couple to find out what exactly when through their minds before during and after the whirlwind afternoon:

Firstly the necessities… How did you meet and how long have you been together?

We met in the most romantic of settings, a night club in Manchester! Okay maybe not that romantic but it was two years to the day that I proposed that we first met. I saw Kathryn sitting down on the sofas, and I couldn’t help but go over and ask if the seat next to her was taken, and I suppose the rest is history.

Antonio, how did you hear about 77 Diamonds and what made you think of your proposal?

I was desperately searching for a stylish diamond merchant in the UK as Kathryn had told me that one of her dreams was to go to ‘the diamond centre of the north’. So when I found 77 Diamonds, in London, I had to think of a way to get her there! Hence the elaborate work conference facade. I knew that she’d love 77 and you guys were great.

Kathryn, what were your thoughts? Did you understand what was going on when you both entered the building and then the showroom?

No, I had no idea what was going on, I was completely convinced we were attending a business conference for Anton’s company. Even when we got in to the show room, I was still confused as to whether there was a conference!

I imagine emotions were running high in the meeting, but what took your fancy? Did you work together to get your ring?

 Yes, it was very emotional, once the reality of the situation had sunk in, I just couldn’t stop crying! (Happy Tears!) It was funny because we had exactly the same preferences, in terms of the diamond and the band, which made the decision process surprisingly quick and easy.

Antonio and Kathryn look at rings and diamonds!

Antonio and Kathryn look at rings and diamonds!

 How did you spend the rest of your weekend?

We enjoyed the beautiful hotel, a wonderful meal and each other’s company.

Some bubbles to celebrate their engagement and ring selection!

Some bubbles to celebrate their engagement and ring selection!

Together the couple chose our Delicacy engagement ring set with an Oval cut diamond and gave the go ahead for the ring to be produced. Since then, we have it on good authority from Antonio that Kathryn is “VERY pleased” with their selection and they provided us with this photo to show the ring proudly sitting on her finger.

Kathryn's Delicacy Ring

Kathryn’s Delicacy Ring

We would like to thank both Antonio and Kathryn for letting us be so involved in their special moment and we wish them love and luck for their life together.

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

To arrange your own meeting with one of our sales consultants, contact us here.

An “Exceptional” diamond discovery: 122 carat blue diamond found in South Africa!

One of the world’s largest diamond mining companies has announced it has found a 122.52 carat blue diamond. Petra diamonds found the stone at the Cullinan mine in South Africa (the origin of the world’s largest mined diamond).

Blue Diamond found by Petra Diamonds

The rough diamond is to be assessed to estimate its real value prior to sale, although since the sale Petra diamond have seen their shares value jumped by 6.5%.

Many are wondering the price tag of such an epic find, and until the further analysis has been complete, based on the sale earlier this year of a similar blue diamond that made £500,000 per carat, it could achieve anything up to £61 million! Which would be a world record price for a rough diamond.

Sleeping Beauty wakes with our new Aurora collection!

For centuries, fairy tales have inspired children and adults alike to dream. Very few did this like the story of Sleeping Beauty, who herself had time to dream after being tricked and put into a 100 year sleep by the wicked fairy Maleficent.

Spinning Wheel

The Disney Classic from 1959 was the introduction to the story that most of us are familiar and this month we see Angelina Jolie take on the part of evil Maleficent in a live action film of her characters namesake.

It was Sleeping Beauty herself, Princess Aurora, that was the inspiration for our latest creation of an engagement ring and matching wedding band. A princess cut diamond with princess cut side stones made for the perfect opportunity for us to name the collection the “Aurora.


For further information regarding the Aurora collection please contact us by clicking here.

The Power of Celebrity!

As movie stars, film industry power-brokers and high profile stylists converge on the French Riviera for the 67th Cannes Film Festival, jewellery brands will have just one thing on their minds – ensuring celebrities are photographed wearing their jewels.

Red Carpet Diamonds

But while celebrity endorsement can tie a celebrity to a brand in consumers’ minds for a very long time, the path to an actress’s paparazzi-littered red carpet moment, or even a viral selfie, does not always run smooth.

One year, Chopard lent Elizabeth Taylor a pink and white diamond necklace and earring set. Late one night, Taylor’s bodyguard called up saying she was insisting on keeping the jewels until the next morning. Chopard feared they might have a problem on their hands, but 10 minutes later, the bodyguard called again to say Taylor wanted to buy them and the deal was struck.

Sometimes, the return on investment for luxury brands can be instantaneous. When Jennifer Lopez wore a $2.1 million 50.4 carat yellow diamond ring by Cora for a performance of American Idol, it sold within 24 hours. Earrings worn by actress Octavia Spencer at the Golden Globes sold during her acceptance speech.

All of which explains the lengths jewellers are prepared to go to in order to win over influential celebrities. When Brits winner Ellie Goulding wore 77 Diamonds jewels at the We Day charity concert this March and for her solo show at the 02 Arena later that week, arranging last-minute jewellery viewings required a flurry of emails, extending from dusk to dawn, between 77 Diamonds and Ellie’s stylist. The timing turned out to be perfect. Prince Harry attended the We Day concert for his first official outing with his then girlfriend Cressida Bonas, and garnered the event – and Ellie’s appearance wearing 77 Diamonds jewels – even more publicity than anticipated. Ironically, Prince Harry has since split up with his girlfriend.

Ellie Goulding wears our Il Sole cocktail ring and Disco studs. Photo:  Exposure

Ellie Goulding wears our Il Sole cocktail ring and Disco studs.
Photo: Exposure

“When it comes to celebrity, there are some things you can’t plan for. But sometimes, timing is everything,” says 77 Diamonds managing director Tobias Kormind.

Photo: Goff Photos

Photo: Goff Photos

Diamonds at Auction: Special Week for Diamond Auctions!

It is safe to say that this week is a big week in the diamond world. As well as the world’s largest fancy vivid blue diamond – “The Blue” – going up for auction at Christie’s in New York on Wednesday 14th May as we mentioned last month, Tuesday 13th May also sees rival auction house Sotheby’s auctioning a diamond of “extreme rarity”.

The Blue

The star turn from the Sotheby’s auction is the “Graff Vivid Yellow” stone – a daffodil-yellow diamond weighing a remarkable 100.09 carats.

David Bennett, chairman of Sotheby’s jewellery department, described the stone as being “a charming stone, full of life, full of colour” and it is expected to fetch between $15-25 million.
Graff Vivid Yellow

With “The Blue” also expected to raise in the region of $21-25 million, coloured diamonds are clearly in high demand, but what makes them so special?

What causes diamonds to colour naturally?

Naturally-coloured diamonds – or fancy diamonds as is the technical term – often command the highest prices at auction houses across the world. This is because while colourless diamonds are very rare, fancy diamonds are even more elusive, in turn raising the asking price.

Whereas a colourless diamond is made from 100% carbon, a diamond becomes fancy when another element enters the carbon chain. Therefore different elements cause different reactions, so in the examples above, the “Graff Vivid Yellow” diamond will be so because of nitrogen entering the carbon chain, while the introduction of boron will produce “The Blue” stone for auction at Christie’s.

As well as extra elements being introduced to the carbon chain, the stones can also gain colour if they’re exposed to extremely high pressure or heat during the compression stage, potentially producing red, pink or purple diamonds. Blue or green diamonds can also be formed as a result of naturally-occurring radiation.

Why are fancy diamonds so special?

Although some fancy diamonds are seen as being ‘less pure’, the rare nature and beauty of coloured stones means that to most they are extremely special.

In the case of the diamonds available for auction this week, they’re so special because of the sheer rarity of the two stones. 2% of the world’s polished diamonds are blue, which in turn makes the colour rare, but the 13.22 carat size and fancy vivid intensity of “The Blue” make this diamond one of a kind that would make for both a great investment and exquisite focal point to a piece of jewellery. I’ve fortunately had the pleasure of seeing the Graff Vivid Yellow in person, and it is one of the most beautiful diamonds I have ever seen. As one of the worlds largest fancy vivid yellow diamonds, this stunning diamond; originally named the “Dream Diamond,” is exactly that.

Post Auction Update:

Graff Vivid Yellow

The turbulent events that led to the record sale at the auction only goes to show how the diamond market is still alive and kicking. A world record sale of $16.3million is well deserved for a diamond of this rarity. With Sotheby’s pulling the diamond just moments prior to the auction to then reinstate it was clearly a factor in why the diamond was so sought after and bids exceeded its estimate price.

The Blue

As only the 3rd blue diamond in the last 10 years to go to auction, it comes as no surprise that this diamond has set a new world record. The Blue diamond is a unique stone that we are not likely to see go to auction again in our lifetime, and is $23.8 million well spent. We are curious to see what will be done with the stone to emphasise its beauty.

Introducing… Claire Adler!

We have had our blog at 77 Diamonds for several years now where we have discussed all aspects of the jewellery world; celebrity stories, diamond auctions and also our own diamond jewellery collections. Last year we began working with Claire Adler, a writer and consultant for luxury clients such as De Beers and the London Luxury Quarter. As a contributor to the Financial Times and a commentator for Bloomberg TV, Claire’s articles have appeared in Vanity Fair, The Washington Post, The Economist Intelligent Life and The Daily Telegraph. Her portfolio impressed us so much we knew we had to get her on board for her words of wisdom and professional commentary.

Claire Adler

Claire was able to spare some of her busy time to sit down with us and answer a few of our questions for us to find out exactly where she started and what drives her in the luxury industry:

How did you start your career?

I spent four years poring over enormous dictionaries – I studied literature and translation in London, Paris and Zurich for my French and German degree from University College London. But it was only when I was working in New York in an auction house for rare books that I discovered I loved writing. I began a diary which I shared with friends and family and called it An Alien in New York. When I returned to London I signed up for a two-day writing course at London’s University of the Arts. I sat next to a shopping editor from The Guardian and pitched her a couple of ideas for articles about accessories and her boss was complimentary about my work. Seven months later I was writing full-time for a stream of publications including The Guardian and soon the Financial Times. Luxury jewellery is essentially a happy business. From changes in retail technology, to investing in rare gemstones, glamorous red carpet events, celebrity endorsement strategies and style trends, there’s always something new to write and talk about – either in the news or for my luxury brand clients.

 Who is the most interesting person you have met?

I’m fascinated by the way people navigate the world of work, given how little the education system prepares us for it. Jewellery designer Solange Azagury-Partridge told me she’d like to work till the day she dies. It’s only someone totally driven and focused on their dreams who can say that. I’ve also interviewed a comedian (Ricky Gervais), a polar explorer (Pen Hadow), an illegal BASE jumper (Leo Houlding), a lady who learned to read when she was 50 (Roseanna Davis), legendary British fashion designers (Zandra Rhodes and Bruce Oldfield), an interior designer (Kelly Hoppen), a graffiti artist and former grave digger (Temper), the Queen’s nephew (David Linley) and the Christie’s auctioneer who sold a Picasso for $106.5 million (Christopher Burge).

 Any anecdotal stories for us?

My strongest jewellery memory took place one morning on Bond Street when I went to a Van Cleef & Arpels press preview. I tried on a £4 million diamond necklace – an exceptionally rare (and enormous) diamond pendant on an ultra-simple Y-shaped silk cord. It was shocking to me how normal and gorgeous it felt to wear something with such an outrageous price tag. In fact, someone else was thinking the same thing as me, because it had been sold the day before to a customer in Paris.

What’s your style? Favourite type of jewellery?

I love jewellery I can just put on and feel great in. Sometimes I like chunky and colourful rings that get noticed but sometimes something more refined and gentle will do the trick. I do regular wardrobe clearouts, but there are some pieces of jewellery we keep our whole lives. I have a pair of diamond and white gold cufflinks my Mother gave my late Father for their engagement. I love wearing them with a pastel pink or lilac shirt.

 Who inspires you?

My family and friends inspire me the most. In the jewellery world, I find start-up entrepreneurs, business owners and the custodians of family businesses very inspiring. They’re great at putting their heart and soul into everything they do.

What advice would you give for someone looking for an engagement ring?

Do your research thoroughly. You’re going to really need to love this piece of jewellery.  Pay a visit to the 77 Diamonds showroom and enjoy!

Do keep up to date with Claire and her work via her website by clicking HERE and look out for her blog for us next week on “The Power of Celebrity.

In The Know: Sapphires!

Sapphire is a gemstone that is highly popular and sought after. The history of sapphire has been associated with nobility and honesty and was a sign of wealth during the 18th and 19th centuries.

From the mineral species corundum (aluminium oxide), it is 9 on the Moh’s scale of hardness – second to diamond’s 10. This hardness makes it perfect for setting into jewellery for day to day wear as it is extremely difficult to scratch as well as durable.
Sapphire Engagement RingTypically a sapphire is a blue stone, however it is possible to get sapphires in most other colours; these are known as fancy sapphires – pink, yellow, orange, purple, green, colourless and even black. Sapphires are never red, this is a ruby – which has the same basic mineral composition as a sapphire, and it is just red in colour. Corundum in its purest form is colourless; trace elements that are present during the stones formation are what colour the stone. Sapphire (blue) = Corundum + Iron and Titanium.

Sapphires are sourced from all over the world; traditionally, Kashmir, Sri Lanka and Burma are known as having the finest quality sapphires however current sources of the stones are Thailand, Cambodia, Madagascar and Australia. With laboratory analysis, it is possible to trace the origin of a sapphire.Georgia earrings

Often in the gemstone trade, sapphires will be heat treated in order to aid the stones appearance. These treatments are used to lighten or darken the hue (colour) or evenly disperse or improve the apparent clarity. Unlike diamonds the inclusions are not always negative as they can aid the light reflection and give the stone a beautifully unique silky appearance.

For more information about sapphires or to book a consultation with one of our experts, please contact us.

Diamonds at Auction: World’s largest fancy vivid blue diamond – “The Blue”

Last week, Christie’s New York displayed the world’s largest fancy vivid blue diamond, aptly called “The Blue” that will headline the Geneva Magnificent Jewels Sale on 14th May.

The Blue
Mined in South Africa, the 13.22 carat diamond is the largest stone of its kind and is expected to sell for £15 million.

Rahul Kadakia, Head of Jewellery for Christie’s Americas & Switzerland, said: “To have a stone that weighs 13 carats is near impossible.”

“The stone is internally and externally bereft of any imperfections… in simple terms, it’s the best blue diamond in the world.”

The Blue
With less than 2% of the world’s diamonds being blue, this really is a special sale in the diamond market.