Diamonds are Becky Stone’s Best Friend…

You may know the lovely Becky from her site Diamonds in the Library.  Becky describes herself as ‘a lady with a love for literature and shiny things’, as an English literature grad with an excessive diamond addiction, it felt only right for me (also an English literature grad) to find out a little more about her love of all things bejewelled.

The beautiful Becky Stone

The beautiful Becky Stone

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Trend Watch: Floral Feast

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and all seems bright and beautiful as we finally see the end of a bitterly chilly Winter and settle into Spring.  If we hark back to September’s Spring Summer 16 shows, it’s unsurprising to see so many floral patterns adorning the catwalks.

The Giorgio Armani show featured an array of colourful, bold floral patterns such as the one embroidered onto this elegant strapless dress.  The flowery pattern is suggested rather than explicitly exhibited, not only does this make the dress more wearable than something with giant daisies stuck all over it, but it brings originality to what some would call an exhausted trend.

It’s not just on the catwalks where flowers are making an appearance this season, this and other stories two piece is a perfect example of how luxury high street brands are incorporating the trend into their collections in new and interesting ways. The halter-style top paired with the mid-length skirt adds a fresh elegance to the unique floral print.

For me, flowers have always and will always be on trend around Spring time and why should we limit our adherence to this trend to our clothing?

Our fleur ring in white gold is the perfect Spring accessory, delicate enough to be worn in the day time and sparkly enough to make a statement over cocktails in the evening.  Let the sparkles be the centre of attention by pairing this with a simple knee length sleeveless black dress like the one below.  Throw a classic black biker jacket over the top and pop on some strappy black heels to take you straight from the office to happy hour.

Instagram: @rovertour / ARMANI

Instagram: @rovertour / ARMANI

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How To Wear It: Picnic!

How to wear it: Picnic

 As soon as the sun comes out in London, the parks become a mass of foraging picnic-goers with baskets full of finger sandwiches, scones and of course, no British picnic would be complete without gallons and gallons of Pimms.

Of course, what you wear is just as important as what you munch so take a read of our favourite looks for every type of picnic you might be heading to this month.

The casual one in the park

When dining outside in the glorious yet infamously unreliable English weather, it’s imperative to layer up so you are prepared for rain or shine.  This collared All Saints coat is the perfect subtle shade of lilac to lure you away from darker, wintery tones and into the lighter pastels of Spring.  Pair with a light-knit jumper like the one below and a funky pair of round sunnies to protect your beautiful eyes from the Sun.

Take this simple look to the next level by tying your hair up, leaving your ears and neck on show, making way for our jaw-droppingly stunning Olympia drop earrings.  The trio of hoops ooze elegance and add a sparkly shimmer to the outfit.  Plus, the combination of yellow, rose and white gold gives them an interesting and original appearance.

To complete your picnic look, why not take along of lovely large bottle of Britain’s finest Pimms with some fresh strawberries, cucumber and mint leaves…is your mouth drooling already?

Instagram: @allsaintslive

Instagram: @allsaintslive

Olympia Earrings

Olympia Hoop Earrings by 77 Diamonds: SHOP NOW

Instagram: @pimmsbelgium

Instagram: @pimmsbelgium

 The fancy one with your friends

Occasionally, people like to take the classic British picnic to the next level – less ham and cheese, more petits fours.  Of course, this calls for a slightly more put together look.  Baggy jumpers won’t quite make the cut at your fancy friend’s fancy garden party.  Dresses and dare I say heels will be the port of call for this type of picnic.  Navy and white is a go-to combo for these kinds of get-togethers, this gorgeous sleeveless number from Coast is a great option for those looking to take things up a notch without compromising the exhibition of sun kissed lithe limbs – it is nearly Summer, after all.  Plus, bare arms and legs give way for decadent accessories such as this classic Ophelia bracelet in white gold.  It will ensure you glide through any fancy picnic with the utmost level of poise and glamour.

Of course, you can’t turn up empty handed to a fancy picnic, so why not be equally indulgent by bringing a box of these exquisitely naughty maître choux chocolate eclaires?  You, your yummy treats and your bracelet will bring the party to the picnic.

Instagram: @coast_stores

Instagram: @coast_stores

Ophelia Diamond Bracelet

Ophelia Diamond Bracelet by 77 Diamonds: SHOP NOW

Instagram: @fortnummason

Instagram: @fortnummason

The fancier one with your family

The really fancy picnics, you know the ones where you have to RSVP, can be a little trickier.  It’s can be tricky to dress smart when the sun is breathing down your neck and you can’t get away with throwing on your favourite little black dress.  So, we welcome the little white dress.  This chic sleeveless shirt and skirt combo gives the illusion of a dress while keeping things interesting with the contrasting patterns and textures.  The high neckline is extremely flattering without being too revealing – perfect for pleasing any prudish relatives who might not approve of skin exposure.  Less is always more.  Which is why, in this instance, it’s best to keep jewellery minimal and aim for something subtle like our Cyrielle ring in rose gold.  The subtle hint of sparkling diamond as you sip champagne and reminisce with distant cousins is all you need to make an impact.

As for what to bring to this kind of picnic, aim for something of the cocoa variety – chocolate is a people pleaser for all ages – a box of these chocolate truffles from Harrods is sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Instragram: @Reiss
Instragram: @Reiss
Cyrielle Eternity Ring

Cyrielle Eternity Ring by 77 Diamonds: SHOP NOW

Diamond Gift Guide: Gifts for him!

Men can be incredibly hard to shop for.  Do you go for the classic leather wallet?  What about the fancy shaving kit?  Or perhaps you just want to take them out for burger and be done with it.  It’s a tricky one that is thankfully made much easier with our eclectic range of cufflinks – phew! Give your husband, boyfriend, uncle or father the shiny treat they deserve with one of these lovely sets.

For the lover in your life

Out of all the men in your life, us ladies are always most nervous about what to get our boyfriends, fiancés and husbands (hopefully you only have to please one of them).  You can’t exactly go down the soppy romantic route and buy them an abundant bouquet of red roses.  You need something that compliments their personality and their impeccable sense of style.  That’s why our cube cufflinks in white gold are just the thing; simple and classic, they are perfect for anyone looking to keep things understated and chic.

Of course, the gift giving doesn’t have to stop there, pair them with a clean crisp white shirt like the one below and encourage them to wear a fabulous velvet jacket and black bow tie over the top – although, maybe don’t use the word fabulous as a selling point!  Men are complicated creatures, you know.

Cube diamond cufflinks
Cube Diamond Cufflinks from 77 Diamonds: SHOP HERE

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Diamond Gift Guide: Spoil Your Loved Ones with Sparkle!

I love buying presents for people.  There is nothing like seeing the smile on your best friend’s face when you’ve nailed their birthday present.  The gift of giving is truly wonderful and there is no better way of making your loved ones feel special than with sparkly diamonds.

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding anniversary or just a Tuesday – spoil the lovely ladies in your life with one of these gorgeous pieces and you’ll feel like their fairy godmother!

For your best friend
The beautiful Belle ring is perfect for your best gal pal, it’s delicate and subtle enough for everyday-wear but sparkly enough to make a statement in the evenings.  Pair this with an indulgently large bottle of champagne and settle in for a night of fun.


Belle Diamond Ring by 77 Diamonds: SHOP HERE

Belle Diamond Ring by 77 Diamonds: SHOP HERE

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Trend Watch: Colour Me Happy

Finally some sunshine! Spring is definitely here, the temperatures are rising and colour is slowly creeping back into our lives.  I’m usually a fairly ‘all black everything’ kinda gal but I realise it’s a little morbid to soak up the London sunshine dressed as if you’re going to a wake.

So, how do I add colour into my life?  Well firstly, there’s red lipstick.  Always key.  But most importantly, it’s obviously coloured jewellery!  It’s the best way to slowly start incorporating brightness into your daily looks – particularly if you’re not quite ready to dig out the short floaty summer dresses yet (bare legs can be an atrociously daunting prospect after six months of indulging your inner Godzilla with thick tights and jeans!)

I’m a massive fan of combining coloured stones with muted pieces from my wardrobes, the simplicity of whites, greys and pastels can be totally transformed by one or two pieces of jewellery.  They scream eccentricity and elegance at the same time and now that we are finally edging towards Summer there is no better time to indulge your inner colourful sparkly fantasies with some of these beautiful diamonds.

This Vogue ring deserves attention – it’s bright fuschia colour will set you apart from the crowd and will undoubtedly be the star of the show in any day-time outfit.

Pair it with a simple, loose-fitting sheer white shirt and jeans for a fresh and sexy Summer look.

Vogue Blush from 77 Diamonds: SHOP HERE

Vogue Blush from 77 Diamonds: SHOP HERE

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Get The Look: Coachella Festival!

It’s that time of year again – celebs, fashionistas and posers alike flock to Palm Springs in Los Angeles for the annual three-day music festival that is Coachella while us Brits begrudgingly ogle the hundreds of envy-inducing photos on the Mail Online.

There is always a media frenzy surrounding Coachella, and very little of it has to do with the line-up.  Despite phenomenal headliners such as Guns N Roses and Calvin Harris, Coachella makes the headlines because of its cult-celebrity following and the stylish ensembles on show.  It is the ultimate stomping ground for aspiring style queens and peacocking celebs, all channeling their inner hippie dippie goddesses.

Of course, jewellery plays a pivotal role.  Particularly if you want to stand out in crowd of denim cut-offs and flower headbands.

Statement necklaces were the port of call for models like Alessandra Ambrosio.  What better way to channel your bohemian chic than with a peace sign?  Of course, we’re not talking the kind of plastic thing you wear on a string round your neck to a year seven disco.  No no, you are far too grown up for that.  Our Peace necklace brings sophistication to this bohemian emblem thanks to the spectacular diamonds that adorn it.  Pair the yellow gold necklace with a loose-fitting patterned playsuit for an elegant flower child inspired look.

Instagram: @alessandraambrosio
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Diamonds are Danielle Miele’s Best Friend…

The iconic Marilyn Monroe once declared that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’… of course, she probably hadn’t tried Dairy Milk, but unlike my indulgent cocoa friend – ‘diamonds are forever’ – chocolate has an embarrassingly short shelf life in my house. There is something incredibly special about diamond jewellery. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s exclusive, it’s elegant and it has the potential to carry monumental sentimental value (did someone say ‘I do?’).

One person who knows a fair share about all that glitters is the lovely founder of one of the most successful jewellery blogs out there, Danielle Miele. Danielle founded Gem Gossip in 2008 after years of collecting and admiring jewellery and working as head gemologist and appraiser at her local antique jewellery shop. With a focus on trends, celebrity style and designer interviews, Gem Gossip is a place where jewellery addicts can stay up to date with what’s hot in the jewellery market and indulge in ‘endless talk of all things sparkly’, as Danielle says on her site. Plus, Danielle is also a qualified gemologist after studying at the Gemological Institute of America. It’s safe to say that Danielle is a bonafide expert when it comes to shiny pretty things, so I decided to catch up with the lady herself and find out exactly what diamonds mean to her and what her favourite pieces are from the 77 Diamonds collection.

Danielle Miele - Founder of Gem Gossip

Danielle Miele – Founder of Gem Gossip

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How To Wear It: Paris Fashion Week – Copy Cat(walk) Style!

There’s nothing quite like the allure of fashion that is captured in Paris.  Sure, New York is where the big names are, London has an urban edge, Milan is more traditional but Paris is where the romance happens.  There’s something magical about the Parisian shows – maybe it’s the grand settings, the impeccably dressed audience or the fact that macaroons are readily available on every street corner.  This season it was all about show off fashion – and the jewellery trends certainly reflected that.

Diamonds diamonds everywhere and not a drop to drink…is that how the old saying goes?  The Chanel show was surprisingly flashy this season, adding a dimension of fabulosity to its trademark classic tweed style.  Channel your inner Coco with our Duchess necklace in platinum – ideal for jazzing up any low-cut top or dress.

Duchess Diamond Pendant

Duchess Pendant by 77 Diamonds: SHOP NOW!

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