Get The Look: Coachella Festival!

It’s that time of year again – celebs, fashionistas and posers alike flock to Palm Springs in Los Angeles for the annual three-day music festival that is Coachella while us Brits begrudgingly ogle the hundreds of envy-inducing photos on the Mail Online.

There is always a media frenzy surrounding Coachella, and very little of it has to do with the line-up.  Despite phenomenal headliners such as Guns N Roses and Calvin Harris, Coachella makes the headlines because of its cult-celebrity following and the stylish ensembles on show.  It is the ultimate stomping ground for aspiring style queens and peacocking celebs, all channeling their inner hippie dippie goddesses.

Of course, jewellery plays a pivotal role.  Particularly if you want to stand out in crowd of denim cut-offs and flower headbands.

Statement necklaces were the port of call for models like Alessandra Ambrosio.  What better way to channel your bohemian chic than with a peace sign?  Of course, we’re not talking the kind of plastic thing you wear on a string round your neck to a year seven disco.  No no, you are far too grown up for that.  Our Peace necklace brings sophistication to this bohemian emblem thanks to the spectacular diamonds that adorn it.  Pair the yellow gold necklace with a loose-fitting patterned playsuit for an elegant flower child inspired look.

Instagram: @alessandraambrosio

Instagram: @alessandraambrosio
Instagram: @missguided

Instagram: @missguided

Peace Pendant from 77 Diamonds: SHOP NOW

Peace Pendant from 77 Diamonds: SHOP NOW

Hoop earrings are pivotal when channelling a seventies-inspired hippie look.  They instantly give off a stylish, but effective vibe and are an ideal festival accessory. Particularly when you want to wear a funky bandana a la the fabulous Hailey Baldwin – hoops and simple bandanas like Hailey’s are a style match made in heaven. 

Avoid looking naff by opting for our Vogue earrings in yellow gold, the sparkles will shine through your hair in sunlight and get you noticed in even the mosh pittiest of crowds.  Complete the look with a bold tassle skirt like the one below and some funky heart-shaped sunglasses.

Instagram: @haileybaldwin

Instagram: @haileybaldwin

Instagram: @hm

Instagram: @hm

Vogue Diamond Hoops

Vogue Hoops by 77 Diamonds: SHOP NOW

The jingle-jangle of bangles is a happy sound made even happier when jumping up and down to your favourite song on a field filled with equally jingly fans.  Even if you won’t find yourself at a music festival this summer (there’s still time!), bangles are the perfect Summer accessory.  Pair our Paragon in yellow gold with plainer styles for the jingle effect without the worry of an overcrowded and over-bejewelled wrist.

Lorde wore hers poolside with denim cutoffs and a cute bucket hat which adds an element of fun to a fairly basic simple outfit.  Bring this look to the festival grounds – or even your local park on a sunny day – by pairing your bangles with a flowery dress and some leather biker boots to toughen up the outfit.  Leave your neck and fingers bare to get the full effect of the bangles.

Instagram: @lorde

Instagram: @lorde

Instagram: @newook

Instagram: @newook


Paragon Eternity Ring

Paragon Eternity Ring by 77 Diamonds: SHOP NOW


Diamonds are Danielle Miele’s Best Friend…

The iconic Marilyn Monroe once declared that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’… of course, she probably hadn’t tried Dairy Milk, but unlike my indulgent cocoa friend – ‘diamonds are forever’ – chocolate has an embarrassingly short shelf life in my house. There is something incredibly special about diamond jewellery. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s exclusive, it’s elegant and it has the potential to carry monumental sentimental value (did someone say ‘I do?’).

One person who knows a fair share about all that glitters is the lovely founder of one of the most successful jewellery blogs out there, Danielle Miele. Danielle founded Gem Gossip in 2008 after years of collecting and admiring jewellery and working as head gemologist and appraiser at her local antique jewellery shop. With a focus on trends, celebrity style and designer interviews, Gem Gossip is a place where jewellery addicts can stay up to date with what’s hot in the jewellery market and indulge in ‘endless talk of all things sparkly’, as Danielle says on her site. Plus, Danielle is also a qualified gemologist after studying at the Gemological Institute of America. It’s safe to say that Danielle is a bonafide expert when it comes to shiny pretty things, so I decided to catch up with the lady herself and find out exactly what diamonds mean to her and what her favourite pieces are from the 77 Diamonds collection.

Danielle Miele - Founder of Gem Gossip

Danielle Miele – Founder of Gem Gossip

1. What do diamonds represent to you?

I’ve never met a diamond I didn’t like. Diamonds to me represent beauty, confidence and love. Diamond jewellery is perfect for any occasion and ideal for everyday wear, which is why of all my jewellery within my personal collection, diamonds are the most represented. I have mostly white diamonds, but also champagne coloured, and black diamonds, as well as one ring with brown diamonds. No fancies yet!

2. What would your fantasy engagement ring look like?
I am lucky to call my “fantasy” engagement ring my real engagement ring – it is an antique and dates back to the late 1800’s. It is a crossover or bypass style, so I have two matching diamonds, both Old Mine cut set in claw-like prongs. The metal is gold, with its age and the time period it was created it has more of a rose gold look to it, some call it Victorian yellow gold.

3. What is your favourite outfit or item of clothing to wear with diamond jewellery?
It is so convenient because I believe diamonds go with anything! I especially like dressing down in diamonds because a pair of jeans and a t-shirt automatically look amazing when some diamonds are added.

4. Rings, earrings or necklaces?
Rings! Anyone who knows me knows my ring obsession. I invented the hashtag #showmeyourrings because I love rings so much. I love so many different styles, designers, antique and vintage…being able to see them on my fingers gets me through the toughest days.

5. Where is the best place to wear diamonds in London?
London is a favourite city of mine. I’ve visited twice in my life so far and can’t wait to be back! My favourite place to wear diamonds is while visiting the Victoria & Albert Museum, it is my favourite place in London. Their jewellery collections are remarkable, I could spend an entire day there!

Danielle’s top three picks from 77 Diamonds:

1. Deco Diamond Drop Earrings – Prices from £3,500: SHOP HERE
Deco Diamond Earrings
2. Disco Mini Earrings – Prices from £430: SHOP HERE

Disco Mini Earrings3. Il Sole Cocktail Ring – Prices from £2,500: SHOP HERE
Il Sole Cocktail Ring

With 120k followers on Instagram, this lady definitely knows her jewellery! To find out a little more about Danielle and her extensive jewellery knowledge, check out her fabulous blog Gem Gossip here. 


How To Wear It: Paris Fashion Week – Copy Cat(walk) Style!

There’s nothing quite like the allure of fashion that is captured in Paris.  Sure, New York is where the big names are, London has an urban edge, Milan is more traditional but Paris is where the romance happens.  There’s something magical about the Parisian shows – maybe it’s the grand settings, the impeccably dressed audience or the fact that macaroons are readily available on every street corner.  This season it was all about show off fashion – and the jewellery trends certainly reflected that.

Diamonds diamonds everywhere and not a drop to drink…is that how the old saying goes?  The Chanel show was surprisingly flashy this season, adding a dimension of fabulosity to its trademark classic tweed style.  Channel your inner Coco with our Duchess necklace in platinum – ideal for jazzing up any low-cut top or dress.

Duchess Diamond Pendant

Duchess Pendant by 77 Diamonds: SHOP NOW!

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How To Wear It: The First Date!

Nothing quite trumps the nerves of a first date; what will he think of my hair, will he notice the spot on my nose, will he think my hair is too frizzy…these are just some of the classic pre-date thoughts that will inevitably be whizzing through your mind – well they do in mine at least!  That’s what makes diamonds so perfect for a first date – they demand full attention so your date will be so busy staring at your glittering accessories that he won’t even notice if you have a lump of spinach in your teeth…okay well, he might…but wouldn’t you rather have a beautiful cocktail ring on your finger when you wedge it out?!

Lacking inspiration?  77 World helps you nail the first date look.

The date: Cocktail bar – sipping in style

This might just be the most elegant thing to ever grace your finger with its presence.  Pair our sparkly Celestia ring in rose gold with a pretty pale pink shoe or an eccentric pink cropped jacket a la Bip Ling – and you’ve got yourself a show-stopping date night look.

Where to go: This ring would be perfect for somewhere that screams fancy pants.  Think rooftop bar Aqua Kyoto or celebrity haunt Chiltern Firehouse.

Celestia Ring by 77 Diamonds: SHOP NOW

Celestia Ring by 77 Diamonds: SHOP NOW

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Get The Look: Steal The LFW Frow Style: Put A Ring On It!

London Fashion Week is fabulously fun.  The capital becomes a style fireball teaming with the world’s top models, editors and fashionistas.

Almost equally as exciting as the shows themselves, is the highly sought-after front row.  Who’s there, who’s not, who they’re next to and – most importantly – what they are wearing.

As usual, the Topshop Unique show boasted one of the starriest Frows this fashion week; amongst the likes of Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn & Lara Stone was the stunning model Suki Waterhouse who was rocking a dainty gold ring on each finger.  It was a perfect pairing against her vintage-style pale pink tea dress.

Of course, everything is better with a bit of sparkle, so why not channel Suki’s look by combining a few of these delicate rings from our Confetti collection?

Instagram: @topshop

Instagram: @topshop


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The secret to a happy marriage / What makes a marriage work?

The secret to a happy marriage / What makes a marriage work?

Warning: You may experience a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, throughout the duration of this post.

Getting married to someone is not only a symbolic way of affirming your love for one another, but also a lifelong promise to that person. Most people are familiar with the typical vows of marriage; in sickness and health, for richer for poorer, for better for worse – you know the ones we mean? But what factors actually contribute to a happy and successful marriage?

“Marriage is an adventure of love that takes us through many seasons. The first season is full of attraction and excitement, this does not fade but is overtaken by a deeper understanding and respect.  The best marriages mature into something that is increasingly beautiful, the marriage adventure entwines two lovers into a union of common purpose and devotion from which flows a deeper love than anything experienced on the wedding day.”

Graham Dunn, 55, Vicar – married for 29 years

Love is undoubtedly the main reason people choose to get married. Psychologist Zick Rubin suggests that romantic love is comprised of three elements:

-          Attachment: the need to receive care, approval and physical contact with the other person
-          Caring: Valuing the other person’s happiness and needs as much as your own
-          Intimacy: Sharing thoughts, desires and feelings with the other person

We conducted a survey of more than 1,000 people, with differing relationship statuses, to uncover the thoughts and opinions on what they deem important and in particular, how much they think should  be spent on an engagement ring and marriage.

Interestingly, we discovered that people in Leeds, Norwich, London and Liverpool are the most likely to spend more than the average (£1,772) on an engagement ring; and the most generous men in the UK are from Brighton, with more than 6% of them saying they would spend around £7.5K !

Many men think women want a flashy, public marriage proposal, but 47% of those surveyed said they would prefer it to take place somewhere intimate and special – even if that was just in bed with the papers on a Sunday morning.

It is fair to say our views on marriage have changed significantly over the years. For example, historically most wedding ceremonies took place in a church, with the bride wearing white, but our survey found that 55% of the women said they would not want a traditional wedding; instead favouring a smaller, civil ceremony with close family and friends only.

And, in the past, most women would take their partner’s last name when they married. But, more than half of the women we surveyed said they would like to keep their maiden name; although the majority of men said they would definitely want them to take their surname.

What makes a marriage work?

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International Women’s Day 2015

In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, we have selected five well known women that provide high profile thought and inspiration to the world through both their professional and philanthropic work. Paired with 77 Diamonds jewellery to suit their style and character we show how diamond jewellery is suited to women of all ages as we celebrate their inspirational work.

Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney

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We’re looking for the UK’s most generous groom!

Are you, or do you know, the UK’s most generous groom?

We’re on the lookout for gentlemen across the nation who go the extra mile to make their bride or bride-to-be feel special. Our search to find the UK’s most generous groom will see one lucky man win one of our eternity rings up to the price of £1,000 for his beloved.

Our experience with male customers has shown us how important it is for them to choose the prefect diamond jewellery for the special woman in their life. We’ve not only seen how generous they can be, but also how much thought goes into their decisions. This is why we want to offer these kind-hearted males the opportunity to win a beautiful prize for their bride.

A lavish groom may have bought his bride an engagement ring she had only ever dreamed of, it might be that he whisked her away on a romantic getaway, or it could simply be that he brought her breakfast in bed.

Groom Putting Wedding Ring On Bride's Finger During Ceremony

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