The secret to a happy marriage / What makes a marriage work?

The secret to a happy marriage / What makes a marriage work?

Warning: You may experience a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, throughout the duration of this post.

Getting married to someone is not only a symbolic way of affirming your love for one another, but also a lifelong promise to that person. Most people are familiar with the typical vows of marriage; in sickness and health, for richer for poorer, for better for worse – you know the ones we mean? But what factors actually contribute to a happy and successful marriage?

“Marriage is an adventure of love that takes us through many seasons. The first season is full of attraction and excitement, this does not fade but is overtaken by a deeper understanding and respect.  The best marriages mature into something that is increasingly beautiful, the marriage adventure entwines two lovers into a union of common purpose and devotion from which flows a deeper love than anything experienced on the wedding day.”

Graham Dunn, 55, Vicar – married for 29 years

Love is undoubtedly the main reason people choose to get married. Psychologist Zick Rubin suggests that romantic love is comprised of three elements:

-          Attachment: the need to receive care, approval and physical contact with the other person
-          Caring: Valuing the other person’s happiness and needs as much as your own
-          Intimacy: Sharing thoughts, desires and feelings with the other person

We conducted a survey of more than 1,000 people, with differing relationship statuses, to uncover the thoughts and opinions on what they deem important and in particular, how much they think should  be spent on an engagement ring and marriage.

Interestingly, we discovered that people in Leeds, Norwich, London and Liverpool are the most likely to spend more than the average (£1,772) on an engagement ring; and the most generous men in the UK are from Brighton, with more than 6% of them saying they would spend around £7.5K !

Many men think women want a flashy, public marriage proposal, but 47% of those surveyed said they would prefer it to take place somewhere intimate and special – even if that was just in bed with the papers on a Sunday morning.

It is fair to say our views on marriage have changed significantly over the years. For example, historically most wedding ceremonies took place in a church, with the bride wearing white, but our survey found that 55% of the women said they would not want a traditional wedding; instead favouring a smaller, civil ceremony with close family and friends only.

And, in the past, most women would take their partner’s last name when they married. But, more than half of the women we surveyed said they would like to keep their maiden name; although the majority of men said they would definitely want them to take their surname.

What makes a marriage work?

We asked a variety of couples at different stages in their relationships and marriages, to provide us with quotes on what makes their relationship work and the responses were not only lovely, but in some instances quite surprising.

For example, older people (aged 55+) considered sex to be one of the most important factors of a long and happy marriage; compared to just 10% of younger couples (aged 16-24).

Laughter and communication were two other key ingredients, along with working together to build trust and as well as respecting the other person’s independence or individuality.

Here are some of the stories, which touched our hearts:

“Thinking of yourselves as a team is important. To know you are on the same side and not against each other can change your mindset about certain things. I also think that flexibility and compromise is really important. With my husband being in the military, life is full of compromise, but I don’t hold that against him. ”

Naomi Whitton, 29 – married for 6 months.

“The key to a successful relationship is communication, small displays of affection and being equal partners. And when buying a ring – as much as they can afford… the more the merrier!”

Amy Belger, 23 – engaged since October 2014, wedding July 2016

The most generous men are from Brighton!

“I’d say accepting nobody is perfect, although easier said than done, is crucial to long term success. Learning to love and accept those imperfections is vital in every healthy relationship. If you can laugh about it, even better. To me, Ian is imperfectly perfect.”

Laura Miller, 28 – engaged since October 2014

The key to a successful marriage is laughter!

“Living in someone’s pocket won’t, in my eyes, make for a healthy relationship, although you are in a partnership – you were an individual before you met, so you should keep some of that individuality. That and saying I love you every day.”

Ian Morris, 33 – engaged since October 2014

The secrets to a happy marriage

“To begin with you must have similar values, interests and a real attraction towards that person. Then honesty and trust throughout is essential. But most of all you need to bring out the best in one and other.”

Tom Dunn, 25 – in a relationship

“Communication – He understands that my career is important to me and although we need to spend time together as a couple, we should also have time apart doing things we enjoy separately from one another.”

Julia Ogden, 40 – married for 14 years

53% think good communication is key!

“Don’t marry someone with the thought that you’re going to change them. Try to see the best in your other half, no matter what they do and always support them – especially if it’s a life-long passion or a way of improving themselves.”

John Baker, 37 – married for 5 ½ years

“Always make sure you make time in your lives to have fun together, no matter how busy life gets.”

Karen Dunn, 48 – married for 29 years

International Women’s Day 2015

In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, we have selected five well known women that provide high profile thought and inspiration to the world through both their professional and philanthropic work. Paired with 77 Diamonds jewellery to suit their style and character we show how diamond jewellery is suited to women of all ages as we celebrate their inspirational work.

Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney

Lebanese born Amal is a high profile lawyer that specialises in international criminal law, human rights and extradition. Her work has seen her involved with the repatriation of the Elgin Marbles as well as the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

Chandelier Border

Amal wears the Chandelier earrings.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton

As future Queen of England, Kate is patron of many charities across the UK. However her chosen charities are aimed at bettering the lives of women and children. From children’s hospices to women in hedge funds she strives for equal opportunities and chances for all.

Duchess Necklace

Kate wears the Duchess necklace.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Former Harry Potter actress and Burberry model, Emma was appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador last year and helped launch the UN Women campaign “HeForShe” which calls for men to advocate gender equality. The Ms. Foundation for Women named her Feminist Celebrity of 2014.

Lumiere Border

Emma wears the Lumiere earrings.

JK Rowling

JK Rowling

The philanthropic work of Harry Potter author has led to her appearance on “Most Influential Woman” lists across the globe.  She is an advocate for single parent families and set up a charity to combat poverty and social inequality.  JK has donated a considerable amount of her wealth to charities for multiple sclerosis from which her mother died.

Twirl Border

JK wears the Twirl cocktail ring.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

The former Spice Girl turned fashion designer has taken to using her name and influence for the greater good after recently being named an international goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Aids campaign. Additionally, her fashion label actively supports animal rights organisation Peta.

Medici Earrings

Victoria wears the Medici earrings.

We’re looking for the UK’s most generous groom!

Are you, or do you know, the UK’s most generous groom?

We’re on the lookout for gentlemen across the nation who go the extra mile to make their bride or bride-to-be feel special. Our search to find the UK’s most generous groom will see one lucky man win one of our eternity rings up to the price of £1,000 for his beloved.

Our experience with male customers has shown us how important it is for them to choose the prefect diamond jewellery for the special woman in their life. We’ve not only seen how generous they can be, but also how much thought goes into their decisions. This is why we want to offer these kind-hearted males the opportunity to win a beautiful prize for their bride.

A lavish groom may have bought his bride an engagement ring she had only ever dreamed of, it might be that he whisked her away on a romantic getaway, or it could simply be that he brought her breakfast in bed.

Groom Putting Wedding Ring On Bride's Finger During Ceremony

If you’re a groom who has gone the extra mile, a lucky bride or know someone who is, please join us in our search. We’d love to see those special moments that were caught on camera and hear the stories behind them.

Simply upload your photos below, on our Facebook page or tweet us @77Diamonds using the hashtag #GenerousGroom.

Permission to enter the competition must be sought from those shown in the photograph. Please check the terms and conditions thoroughly before uploading an image.

Revealed: The Journey of our #DiamondInTheSky

On a sunny day in August 2014, we set out to achieve a world’s first by launching a diamond into space. It wasn’t just any diamond; it was a stunning 1.14 carat cushion cut diamond worth £12,000. And whoever found it, got to keep it.




Working with the UK Civil Aviation Authority we managed the diamond’s big lift-off under great secrecy in Derbyshire, where it was successfully launched 30,000 metres into the sky.


The diamond, mounted on a steel frame attached to a helium balloon, rose above the earth until the atmospheric pressure at the edge of space caused it to pop!

It was in the air for over 150 minutes and travelled around 60 miles, before landing in a remote location in Lincolnshire.

Due to GPS signal failure we were unable to pin point its exact location. The stunt turned into a national treasure hunt that captivated the world’s media.

Despite hundreds of people turning out to search for our #DiamondInTheSky nobody found it, and we resigned ourselves to thinking our beautiful diamond had been lost forever.

That was until the 23rd of December, over four months later, when we received a call from a couple from Lincolnshire, whose springer spaniel Rosie had found our £12,000 diamond in a hedge in Brattleby, whilst enjoying a morning work.

Christmas really had come early for everyone involved and we were delighted that Allen and Pat Bell (who had just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary) had found our missing treasure.


After our initial exhilaration of someone finding it subsided we turned our thoughts to the GoPro camera that we sent up to space to record our diamond’s journey. We were extremely excited, but apprehensive, to find out whether the flight had successfully been documented.

Luckily it had and as you can see from below, the footage is simply stunning. We never thought we would see a diamond shining through space, but here it is:

We sent the diamond into space to raise awareness of our Interactive Universe, a creative piece that allows web users to name a diamond after someone close to you.

What do you think to our video? Have you created a #DiamondInTheSky for someone special? We would love to hear from you so please tweet us @77Diamonds using the hashtag #DiamondInTheSky.

Diamonds at Auction: We review the Top 10 Coloured Diamonds Sold by Christie’s & Sotheby’s!

The diamond trading network Rapaport recently listed the top ten fancy coloured diamonds to have gone to auction at both Christie’s and Sotheby’s. We take a look at the lists and show you some images of our favourite gems…

Top Ten Fancy Coloured Diamonds Sold at Christie’s 2009-2014

$39,323,750 — Christie’s New York, April 2013
Fancy intense pink cushion-shaped diamond, 34.65 carats, VS2, Golconda.

Photo: Christie's
Photo: Christie’s

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Our founders in the Professional Jeweller HOT 100!

For the last 4 years, Professional Jeweller magazine has celebrated The Professional Jeweller Hot 100. Described as a “celebration for the entire community of jewellery professionals, from the designers, polishers and setters who create each piece through to the retailers and business owners that sell them” they select their 100 people from the industry and compile the list where they are then celebrated at a big event in London as well as the publication of the Hot 100 book with the imagery and bio’s of those featured.

PJ Hot 100

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The Look of Love… A Celebrity Engagement Ring Comparison!

When singer and X Factor presenter Cheryl Cole was married for the second time on a Caribbean beach this month she did so sporting a stunning six-carat emerald-cut diamond that dwarfed the rock given to her by first husband Ashley Cole.

But which other celebs have upgraded their wedding and engagement rings when remarrying? We took a look at a few celebrities and how their rings compared.

Angelina Jolie Rings
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Diamonds in the Sky: Find the 77 Diamonds star for a chance to win an array of amazing prizes!

How would you like to win £1000 towards a diamond ring of your choice? Or one of our beautiful ring and bracelet sets? We’re offering five lucky winners the chance to get their hands on some incredible prizes over the next five weeks – read on to find out more!

You may have already seen our beautiful and unique virtual universe, Diamonds in the Sky, which recreates the night sky and allows you to dedicate your very own star – whether to yourself, a friend or a special loved one. As well as being able to dedicate a one-of-a-kind gift to that certain someone, we’re also giving you the chance to win some amazing prices, including real diamonds!

Diamonds in the Sky
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Men’s Jewellery Is Catching On!

When I interviewed  the former chief executive of Boucheron, Jean-Christophe Bedos, seven years ago and asked him about the concept of male jewellery, he was highly sceptical. “I think it’s a marketing gimmick and I’m not in favour of looking at this for an opportunity for growth. I feel strongly about this,” he told me.

But nowadays men’s luxury jewellery has become more popular than ever. Euromonitor recently revealed that British spend on men’s luxury jewels amounted to a glittering £110.5 million in 2012 and £114.8 million in 2013, each year representing 15 per cent of the market compared to women. In China and France, men’s jewellery makes up an even higher proportion of total luxury jewellery sales.

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A Showroom Proposal… The story behind the recent engagement at 77 Diamonds!

On a daily basis in our London showroom we have people come to purchase an engagement ring, whether it be a gentleman looking for his beloved or a couple looking together to find the perfect ring. When Antonio Peruga contacted us and asked if he could book an appointment to look at engagement rings with his girlfriend we assumed it was like any other appointment… However, imagine our delight when Antonio told us he wasn’t telling his girlfriend where she going and that he intended on proposing in the showroom before their appointment!

And that is exactly what happened… A few weeks ago, Antonio and Kathryn arrived at our Mayfair showroom and as they entered our reception area, Antonio dropped down on one knee to a surprised (yet delighted) Kathryn and 77 Diamonds was there to document the proposal!

Antonio gets down on one knee!

Antonio gets down on one knee!

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