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Fra enkle silhuetter til scenestjælende smykker, vores diamanthalskæder fremhæver halsen med en kaskade af enkle eller tidsløse diamanter, afhængigt af din smag.

Diamanthalskæder - Smukke diamantsmykker

Whether a subtle design or a stunning cascade of diamonds, find the perfect necklace to brighten your every day.

Whether a subtle design or a stunning cascade of diamonds, find the perfect necklace to brighten your every day.

Diamanthalskæder Hvidguld (18k) Clear All
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Unlike pendants, diamond necklaces often have their diamond centrepiece attached to the chain, allowing for more versatility and intricacy in design. A subtle necklace can feature round diamonds gently cascading down, mimicking the delicate movement of water. These pieces make for the ideal gift, as they lend a touch of sparkle to your every day and can be easily layered with other necklaces, or other sparkling pieces such as diamond bracelets.

These stunning rings come in a variety of designs and offer a brilliant accent to your evening wear. From pavé settings to intricate displays of diamond brilliance, cocktail rings can also be used for a sparkling addition of colour when set with gemstones. If you enjoy the chunky look of jewellery stacks, these rings can also be layered or combined with eternity rings for a sparkling finish.

If you are looking for something more ornate, our lariat pieces offer all the grace and sophistication so particular to diamonds. Through voluptuous shapes that reflect light, these exquisite pieces lend a fiery finish to any evening wear.

At 77 Diamonds, our team of award-winning designers create and craft pieces by hand, in the heart of Mayfair. Taking inspiration from art, movement, or the subtle beauty of nature, our designers give shape pieces that help reveal your individuality.

Feel you have the perfect necklace in mind? You can alter existing designs through our bespoke service to create the ideal fit. Whether you wish to change a design or are looking for a specific centre diamond or gemstone, our designers are on hand to help make your vision reality.


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