The Look of Love... A Celebrity Engagement Ring Comparison!

The Look of Love… A Celebrity Engagement Ring Comparison!

Ring 1: Billy Bob Thornton

This simple, yet elegant solitaire engagement ring consisted of a single emerald-cut diamond, approximately 3 carats, that would be valued today at approximately £40,000.

 Ring 2: Brad Pitt

An impressive upgrade from her first stone, this 16 carat emerald cut diamond is flanked with diamonds on either side with a value of around £350,000 – the biggest upgrade made by any of the celebs listed.

Ring 1: Ashley Cole

Cheryl’s engagement ring from Ashley Cole was actually a yellow heart-shaped diamond worth £100,000. However, the ring we remember her having is a 6 carat princess-cut diamond in a high halo setting which was an “I’m sorry” gift following Ashley’s infidelity that set him back a cool £160,000.

Ring 2: Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Vershini

Ever a believer, Cheryl fought for the love of her new husband and bagged herself a 6 carat emerald-cut diamond with shiny side stones worth around £300,000.

Ring 1: Brad Pitt

This 3 carat round brilliant cut from Brad Pitt was placed in an ornate setting of swirls and diamonds to emulate the shape of a heart. More style than bling, the value for a ring of this size would be approximately £150,000 today.

 Ring 2: Justin Theroux

This beautiful 8 carat radiant-cut solitaire ring from new fiancé Justin is simple but sizeable and would set you back about £200,000.

Ring 1: Ryan Reynolds

The classic round brilliant solitaire ring from Ryan Reynolds was approximately 3 carat in size. In today’s money you’d be looking at a price tag of around £50,000.

 Ring 2: Romain Dauraic

With vintage and antique jewellery growing rarer and rarer on the public market, Scarlett’s second engagement ring is a beautifully intricate Art Deco style ring with 3 focal round brilliant diamonds. Because of the number of stones and history of a piece like this, this ring would be valued at around £185,000.

Ring 1: Kris Humphries

Kim’s 20 carat engagement ring to Kris Humphries got the entire world talking with a centre stone of 16.21 carats. Reports valued this ring at the time at £1.2 million, however following its sale after the divorce and the price reached at auction, we would value this ring at closer to £500,000.

Ring 2: Kanye West

Never to be outdone, when Kanye West proposed to Kim last year, it came as no surprise that the diamond would be big and flashy. Kim’s current engagement ring is a mammoth 15 carat cushion-cut diamond with a value of £550,000. This means that – surprisingly – Kim has upgraded the least of all the celebs listed.

With an entire jewellery collection worth £100 million it comes as no surprise that her 8 engagement rings were a testament to her love affair with diamonds. Although too many to mention, the crowning glory was “The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond”, a D Colour 33.19 carat diamond from two times husband Richard Burton. This beautiful asscher cut diamond sold for £5.6 million – worth every penny! There’s no wonder why we see her as the Queen of Diamonds.



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