Suprise Wedding - Actor Giovanni Ribisi and his model bride Agyness Deyn

Suprise Wedding – Actor Giovanni Ribisi and his model bride Agyness Deyn

The recent wedding of Giovanni Ribisi and Agyness Deyn has certainly been a big shock to the media.

Apparently they had kept their relationship under wraps and married quietly two weeks ago and tied the knot at Los Angeles County Registrar.


It is nice to see not all celebrity couples feel the need to parade engagement rings and wedding plans for all media to see. Hence which is why this is shocking news as there has been no build up to a wedding or even knowledge of their engagement throughout the media.  As a consumer we expect all celebrities to clarify the details in their life for all to see, but for Agyness Deyn and Giovanni this was clearly not the case.

Surprisingly this will and has made more interesting news that they kept it a secret and in return will draw even more media attention to them, because the one question all fashionistas want to know is ‘ What does her engagement ring look like?’ or ‘What did she wear?’

There seem to be no photos emerging yet of the engagement ring or wedding ring but below one picture from her newly wed Giovanni.

Will they continue to keep their relationship private? This may prove to be too hard with the media and we may well see Agyness on the arm of her new husband at events such as The Oscars or Cannes. Like the old saying ‘If you can’t beat them join them.’

Well I hope they do beat them and start a new trend that keeps the media guessing…

All the same we would love a glimpse of the engagement ring!


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