Russia's Diamond Discoveries!

Russia’s Diamond Discoveries!

The diamond world has been shocked and amazed in recent weeks by two discoveries made in Russia.

The first discovery was a 158.2 carat diamond made by Russia’s largest diamond mining company Alrosa. The find was made in Yakutia in north-east Russia and the company have said they would expect the diamond to fetch £1million if sent to auction.


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The second discovery was announced that a diamond source hidden under a 62 MILE WIDE asteroid crater housing “trillions of carats” could provide for the world market for the next 3000 years. It has been announced that the Kremlin have known about the diamond supply since the Seventies, yet have held back on using it in order to exploit their current mines in the market.

Diamonds similar to the ones pictured below are expected to be mined from the new discovery and the stones are expected to be a great use to the science industry as they have been stated to be “twice as hard” as diamonds previously discovered.

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Seventy Seven Diamonds are always looking into origins of diamonds and their source, who knows… In a few years time, your diamond may be one from the Russian mining source!


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