Production Week: How a ring is sized!

Production Week: How a ring is sized!

At 77 Diamonds, we appreciate and understand the importance of surprise when it comes to a proposal. It is for this reason we offer a standard size when men or women come to us for the engagement ring for their loved one. When placing an order on our website, the ring size “I Don’t Know” seems to be the most popular option! When an order is placed without a specific size, we will then produce a ring to the size of approximately L-M (slightly larger than the average female size) so that for the purpose of the the proposal the ring fits… Then we invite you back for a free resize once the deed is done.

How is a ring then resized? Will I see a joining line? Will it compromise the structure of the ring setting? Will the diamond be safe?!

Below is the process undertaken in order to answer all of the above questions and more!

Step 1: Gently bring heat to the ring to slightly soften the metal.

Step 2: Cut the ring at the base to either cut out metal (to make it smaller) or to permit the opening up of the ring (to make it bigger).

Step 3: Size it up (or down) to get the right size!

Step 4: Whereas in the past, simple soldering would have joined the ring back together, we take it one step further with the aid of Lucy our handy laser machine. This lasers the ring together to such intensity that no joining marks are shown as well as guaranteeing the structure and stability of the ring.

Step 5: The ring is assessed under magnification to ensure the ring is complete. For security and safety from the laser, it is encased so that only hand can get in – lasers and eyes don’t mix!

In some cases a ring will then have a little polish or replating work done to ensure the ring is shiny and set to be worn… In the right size!

And there you have it – how a ring is sized!

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