Just because it's not a diamond doesn't mean it's not as beautiful!

Just because it’s not a diamond doesn’t mean it’s not as beautiful!

When Sarah Jane Allen contacted Seventy Seven Diamonds last month, her request for a bespoke engagement ring came out of the blue… Aquamarine blue!

The brief, a Vintage style engagement ring, but with an Aquamarine centre stone!

After already breaking with tradition and proposing herself to her boyfriend Jack with a beautifully engraved keyring, Sarah came to us to design her engagement ring. She told us that as Jack isn’t the diamond ring kind of guy, it gave her the freedom to choose her own ring; “I believe wholeheartedly in equality so we decided to go halves on the ring, as he doesn’t get one it seems unfair to make him pay for mine” – which meant the budget got to be slightly more generous than it would have been!


Jack's Keyring and Sarah's Engagement Ring

But why an Aquamarine, we know the old saying “something old something new, something borrowed, something blue” – but isn’t that for the wedding? Sarah explained that she wanted something unusual and coloured and Aquamarine is Jack’s birth stone. “I also love the colour; it is the same colour as his eyes. As Aquamarines are not as reflective as say diamonds I wanted an unusual cut, Jennifer (our bespoke designer) showed me a range of Aquamarines and I just fell in love with an 8mm cushion cut chequerboard finish stone. Now all I had to do was decide how it should be set.”


Sarah's Engagement Ring set with a Beautiful Aquamarine

“Jennifer was amazing. We emailed images backwards and forwards at first and each one was wildly different from the one before. She was so patient and practical. The thing with gemstones is they are softer than the traditional diamond or sapphire which will not scratch. I was worried my Aquamarine would get scratched or go dull over time so Jennifer suggested we go for a diamond surround to enhance the sparkle of the ring and if I ever want to get the Aquamarine replaced I still have over 50% of the original ring. I love the more vintage looking rings so the diamond halo we decided on in the end is just perfect! When I came in to see her she let me try on loads of styles and was really honest about what was achievable and the costings of each setting. I cannot thank her enough for helping us design the perfect ring!”


The happy couple, Jack and Sarah Jane - note the beautiful Aquamarine blue eyes!

With her ring complete and beautifully bestowed upon her hand, I asked her what advice she would have for anyone wanting a bespoke ring of their own, and Sarah Jane says:  “Do your research. I spent hours looking at ring websites, there is such a plethora of ideas out there and the point of getting a bespoke ring is to get something no-one else will have. This can be slightly daunting, so start simple. What metal do you like? Which stone do you want? Also try on loads of styles. Your hand has a personality of its own and what looks lovely in a well lit, white photo may look totally different on your finger. My partner had no pre-conceptions of what he liked so I had free reign, this sounds great but it is sometimes nice to have his input as it should symbolise both of you. This is why I went for his birth stone, so I am always reminded of him when I look at my beautiful ring.”

For more information about Aquamarines or other gemstones, and how to create your own bespoke ring setting, please contact us at sales@77diamonds.com



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