Happily Ever After: Stephen & Kellie

Happily Ever After: Stephen & Kellie

Stephen gave Kellie the surprise of a lifetime when he flew to New York in secret to propose to his partner of eight-and-a-half years. While holidaying in New York with her mother, Stephen showed up with a film crew in tow to capture the special moment. The couple has kindly shared their story and video of Stephen’s proposal journey with 77 World.

77 Diamonds proposal

The scene of the proposal at Gapstow Bridge, Central Park in New York City

First Meeting

Stephen Craven, a marketing consultant and Kellie Reedy, a salon manager from Cheshire moved in similar social circles, so have known each other for the better part of 12 years. They hung out at the same parties, in the same bars and became friends at first. “Over time, we just started spending more and more time together until it was obvious (to everyone) that we were more than friends. We’ve been together eight-and-a-half years now,” says Stephen.

She’s the One

Stephen has known Kellie was the one since their first holiday together as a couple. He recalls, “We were having a great holiday in Greece, really relaxed, lazing around the pool. On the last night, we went for a walk and I asked Kellie if she wanted to live with me. We moved in together as soon as we landed and have been inseparable ever since.”

77 diamonds proposal

The couple celebrate their engagement overlooking the river

The Proposal

Stephen recently popped the question in June on Gapstow Bridge, Central Park in New York City. “For Christmas 2017, my gift to Kellie was a trip to NYC with her mum, Sue. I spoke to Sue in January and let her know of my intentions, and we devised a plan alongside my friends, Alex and Naomi, two amazing videographers and Shari, an NYC resident I have been good friends with for a couple of years. I flew over in secret, and on the last day of their holiday arranged for Kellie and her mum to walk to Gapstow Bridge in Central Park. I set up Alex and Naomi as a fake camera crew, interviewing Brits in NYC on why they love it so much, then I snuck in and dropped to one knee!”

The Engagement Ring

Kellie’s engagement ring was made to order by 77 Diamonds; Stephen selected the Delicacy design with a round brilliant solitaire. “Kel has always had a very strong idea about what she wanted – classic, simple, unfussy and let the diamond speak for itself. The reaction from Kellie was priceless. She is in love with it and the way it looks in different light,” Stephen shares.

77 Diamonds proposal

Kellie wears her Delicacy engagement ring by 77 Diamonds with a round brilliant diamond

The Wedding

The wedding is very much in the planning stages right now; the couple have provisionally set a season and a timescale but the rest is to be confirmed. Good luck with the planning, we look forward to hearing more!

Congratulations Stephen and Kellie, we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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