Global Handwashing Day 2012! How to care for your diamond!

Global Handwashing Day 2012! How to care for your diamond!


In celebration of Global Handwashing Day 2012, the team at Seventy Seven Diamonds wanted to give you some tips to help keep your jewellery clean on your nice clean hands!

Everyone knows that diamonds are considered to be one of the hardest natural substances known, but many do not know that they are also susceptible to damage. In any jewellery setting diamonds are at risk for chipping, cracking, or scratching so it is important to take the utmost care when cleaning or wearing your jewellery. In this article we’ll give you some tips for keeping your diamonds sparkling for a lifetime!

Handling and Care

  1. You should have your diamond jewellery checked by a professional jeweller at least once a year.  The prongs and mountings will be checked to make sure the diamond is held tightly in place. This is an important precaution to take in order make sure that your diamond is not at risk for falling out of its setting.
  2. You may want to remove your diamond jewellery when participating in physical exercise, as it is possible to scratch a diamond.
  3. The colour of your diamond and its setting can be affected by household cleaners. To preserve the colour make sure you remove your ring before using any chemical products.
  4. Because diamonds are susceptible to scratching, it is best to store your diamond jewellery in its own place. This will not only prevent it from being damaged, but also from damaging other pieces of jewellery.


  1. It is recommended that you should have your diamond jewellery professionally cleaned once or twice a year, depending on how dirty it gets. Full professional cleaning, including re-polishing, is not recommended to be done on a frequent basis. However, ultra-sonic cleaning is fine once or twice a year. At Seventy Seven Diamonds we provide ultra-sonic cleaning free of charge to our customers in office while you wait.
  2. If your diamond becomes dirty from everyday wear and exposure to the elements you can clean it using a mild liquid detergent. Soak the diamond in warm water with the household cleaning solution (e.g. fairy liquid) and gently rub with a soft bristled toothbrush.
  3. Make sure to use a lint-free cloth when you dry off your diamond jewellery.
  4. If you find that after cleaning there are still bits of grime stuck between the diamond and the setting you can flush them away with a dental Waterpik. A wooden toothpick may be used to push dirt away, but you must make sure you are extremely careful so that you do not damage the diamond or loosen the setting


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