What Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring?

What Should You Spend On Her Engagement Ring?

Engagement ring

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The rules of engagement

What should you spend on her engagement ring?

Once you’ve decided to propose, the next question you’ve got to ask is one you need to answer. How much should I spend on an engagement ring? There are no rules set in stone but it is one of the most debated discussions when it comes to diamonds. It seems like there are mountains of myths from how many months salary you should spend to the significance of carat size. But, there really is no right answer. It can seem a bit retro to put stringent rules around something that at its heart is a truly sentimental and personal

purchase and diamonds are a complex and sometimes confusing thing to buy. So, the first step really is learning about them so you have the knowledge to make an educated choice.

Getting smart is the place to start when dealing with diamonds

Diamonds contain a world of mystery. They’re extraordinary, which is why we’re all so crazy about them. Something so beautiful, something that takes so long to be made and painstakingly shaped has a lot of secrets. Once you’ve decided to buy a diamond, it’s essential to start building your diamond knowledge to understand what engagement ring you want and what you’re willing to pay for.

Loose Diamonds

Our Diamond Buying Guide is the best place to start. We want to ensure you’re buying just the right diamond for you and your partner so learn first the four C’s – carat, colour, clarity and cut. Carat is all about the size, it’s the impact of the ring upon first sight and is where the biggest costs come into play. The colour of the diamond is very important, diamonds with no tint or colour are the most sought after and therefore the most expensive. The cut of the diamond is what determines their unique signature sparkle – which is worth noting in your search. We find that most of our clients look for quality over size when purchasing an engagement ring, and are mostly focused on that all important shimmer and an ‘eye clean’ finish with no visible imperfections to the naked eye. We know you want to get it right so if you need some clarity get in touch. We have access to over 400,000 diamonds so we know yours is there.

Throw rules out the window before you propose

Buying an engagement ring has come a long way from the original De Beers campaign in the 1920’s which stated men should spend at least a months salary on something sparkly. We cater to all budgets and our Engagement Rings can start from just £500 but we sell diamonds into the hundreds of thousands with the average 77 Diamonds customer spending around £2200 on their engagement ring setting and diamond. Start the process of working out what you should and could spend by going over your finances and financial plans for the next few years. If you and your partner are prioritising buying a home or starting a family a 2ct diamond might not make sense. Ultimately it is also a practical purchase, so if your partner doesn’t want to wear a huge stone on their hand, spending a lot going up carat sizes won’t help.

Halo Diamond Engagment Ring

The best place to begin your journey when buying a diamond is by spending some time online on our website where you can explore diamond shapes to find out what you like. A round cut diamond is our customers most popular shape of stone set in a solitaire setting. If a vintage style is more along the lines of what you’re thinking, an oval or an asscher cut diamond is the one for you. Different shapes of stones are cheaper than others and it all depends on the type of metal you choose when it comes to determining the final cost of your ring, as different metals have varying prices. Rose gold is the most expensive just above 18k yellow gold and platinum with white gold being our most popular. You can either buy direct from our website or you can book an appointment with our sales team and pop into one of our two showrooms. We also offer finance and you can check our finance calculator to see what we can do to get you one step closer to the ring you want.

Sentiment is key when buying an engagement ring

Does she always comment on her Mother’s engagement ring? Does she love 1920’s Art Deco style like our Zelda ring or prefer a more simplistic sense of sophistication with a single stone solitaire? Start taking notes on design elements she loves, picking up on her comments about other women’s rings or even what her style icon has sparkling on her finger. The choice of an engagement ring is so personal and it must fit in with her day to day life. Our Engagement Ring Buying Guide is a great place to start when you’re trying to pull together all of the different factors involved in buying an engagement ring.

“If you wanted a classic solitaire engagement ring set with one of our recommended eye clean diamonds, it would cost around £2500″ – Steffi, Co-head of Sales

Starting with the ring style and diamond shape try and look at the other jewellery in her collection to work out where to start on these two choices. Does she have lots of simple minimalist earrings? Well, then it might be best to go for a simple band in a yellow gold solitaire setting with a 1ct diamond. If you wanted our recommended eye clean diamonds, you’d be looking at spending around £3000. Is her jewellery box filled with bright vintage gems? Then maybe a coloured diamond is the place to look. Coloured diamonds come in everything from pale peachy pinks to aqua tinted blues and sunset yellows – they are also more expensive than white diamonds. If you were thinking of something truly striking like a 1.07ct vivid yellow diamond it would be in the market of £8,405. Take some time and see what keeps you coming back, if you think it’s the right ring – it usually is.


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