Engagement Ring Inspiration - Elizabeth Krupps Diamond

Engagement Ring Inspiration – Elizabeth Krupps Diamond


Engagement Ring Inspiration

Elizabeth Taylor’s Krupp Diamond

Is there anyone as quintessentially glamorous as Elizabeth Taylor? Out of all the women in the world, no one wore diamonds quite like her. As diamond rings are so synonymous with love and devotion it is only natural that this diamond in particular is linked to one of the most enduring and affecting love stories of Hollywood.

Elizabeth Taylor

Actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor had a whirlwind of a romance that resulted in two marriages and two divorces – but mostly a lot of jewellery. Burton bought Taylor the Krupp Diamond in 1968 for $300,000 and gave it to her as a surprise aboard their yacht tethered in the Thames.

The Krupp Diamond is a perfect colourless Asscher cut stone and is believed to have been cut before the 1920’s and would have originally been mined from the Golconda region in India. The stone has luminous transparency and famously it was Elizabeth Taylor’s favourite diamond which she set in an engagement ring and she wore it all of the time in countless photographs.

However, the Krupp Diamond had a whole other life before Elizabeth put it on her finger. Originally owned by its namesake Vera Krupp of the Krupp Family fortune the diamond was stolen in a famed theft when three armed men stormed her home and tore the diamond from her finger. The FBI tracked it down and rescued the diamond just in time before it was possibly recut and sold in smaller pieces.

When Elizabeth Taylor died in 2011 Christie’s sold off her estate include the Krupp Diamond which sold for a staggering $8,818,500. It’s selling price set a new record cost per carat for a colorless diamond of its kind.


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