Diamond Shapes- Heart

Diamond Shapes- Heart

1_Loose Diamond_Yellow Gold_Heart_Thumb

Rounding up our week of diamond shapes is the rare and symbolic heart cut. Forget your sleeve- the new way to wear your heart is on your finger!

Top, Side and Bottom view of Heart Shaped Diamond

The heart shape diamond is normally comprised of between 56 and 58 facets, and are sometimes cut with ‘French tips’; also used in the Marquise and Pear shape diamonds.

The cut’s exact origins are unknown. However, as it is a modified brilliant cut, it may have appeared as early as the 16th Century! The first recorded heart shape diamond appears in a portrait entitled ‘The Gonzaga Princess’, which was panted c.1605 by Frans Pourbus.

The unusual, stunning beauty of the heart shape diamond works well in a solitaire ring, such as this contemporary Madison engagement ring. The version shown below is 18 karat White Gold, set with a Heart 0.37ct E SI2 diamond. The elegant band widens slightly as it reaches the diamond, which is held in place by three claws.

4_Madison_White Gold_Heart_Thumb3_Madison_White Gold_Heart_Thumb2_Madison_White Gold_Heart_Thumb1_Madison_White Gold_Heart_Thumb5_Madison_White Gold_Heart_Thumb

The Madison ring

Another way to showcase the heart shape diamond is with a pair of classic diamond earrings. These Lumina studs are an elegant choice, and delicate wire studs help to accentuate the diamonds.

1_Lumina_White Gold_Heart_Thumb

Lumina diamond studs


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