Diamond Shapes- Emerald

Diamond Shapes- Emerald

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The emerald cut diamond, which is also known as the square emerald cut, was one of the first shapes to be used in jewellery. The term was initially used during the Art Deco period, when it was developed specifically for emerald gems. Cutting a gem this way reduces the amount of pressure, helping to protect the gemstone from chipping. Diamond cutters soon realized the importance of this, and started to apply it to their practice.

Top, Side and Bottom view of Emerald Cut Diamond

The rectangular shape has truncated corners and a flat plane. When viewed from above, it resembles stair steps, and so this style is referred to as a ‘step cut’. Normally, the emerald cut is comprised of 57 facets, although this can vary.

The broad, flat plane of this shape highlights a diamond’s clarity and natural crystalline growth. For this reason it is popular in engagement rings, and was favoured by icons such as Grace Kelly and Jackie O. Michael Todd famously gave Elizabeth Taylor a 30-carat emerald cut diamond to mark their engagement, and more recently Paris Hilton made headlines with her 24-carat, emerald cut engagement ring!

As well as highlighting clarity, the emerald cut’s plane gives the diamond clean, flat edges; meaning that it can be adorned with a variety of side gemstones for a dazzling effect. Long, thin baguette diamonds make a beautiful side stones, as can be seen in this bespoke trilogy ring created by our team.

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The emerald cut looks equally stunning on its own, especially when set in a timeless, classic band such as the Ballerina ring below. The diamond sits on an abundance of curves in this luxurious ring, shown here in white gold. This style is particularly suited to shorter hands, as the rectangular shape of the diamond can help to elongate fingers!

The Ballerina ring

Its not all about the engagement rings! The emerald cut diamond sparkles brilliantly in earrings as well. Whether you prefer drops or studs…


These classic Lumina studs accentuate the diamond…


Our Como drops add an Art Deco-style charm…


… and these 4-stone Borghese earrings are dazzling!


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