Can't decide on the perfect ring design for you? Design your own ring!

Can’t decide on the perfect ring design for you? Design your own ring!

At Seventy Seven Diamonds we understand the importance of finding the perfect engagement ring, and we’ve told you in the past about our customers and their quest for their dream ring… But what if Seventy Seven doesn’t have a design you like? What if your design doesn’t physically exist yet? The answer to both of those questions is simple…

We’ll design and make it especially for you!

In April this year Tim Crocker and his fiancée Christina Johnson scheduled an appointment to come into our London showroom to look at some diamond options and discuss ring designs. Tim originally stated that they wanted to look at “Trilogy Rings” with Christina sending a few ring designs over prior to the meeting that she had seen elsewhere for inspiration. The couple sat down with myself in order to discuss through exactly what they were looking for. More importantly what would make Christina happiest when she looked down at the ring on her hand.

During the meeting we established that Christina did indeed want a trilogy ring, but a trilogy ring with a difference. We decided that there’s “no such thing as too much sparkle” and following a few sketches that a trio of diamonds should be surrounded by a halo of small diamonds to maximise the sparkle and shine that diamonds are so very famous for.

Original Sketch from 1st Meeting


The next process was to choose the diamonds, where it was decided that the centre stone should be 1.15ct and each side stone 0.40ct to compliment the centre stone. Christina’s additional design detail was that she wanted the halo to be White Gold with the band underneath to be Yellow Gold.

Once we have the ring design chosen, we ask our Bespoke in-house designer, Jennifer, to produce 3D CAD drawings of how the ring will look prior to casting the metal to iron out any potential changes that want to be made. After the first CAD drawing was produced, Tim and Christina decided to change the design slightly so that the halo was one solid shape around all three stones, as opposed to the contouring halo like the original sketch from the meeting.

CAD Drawings from our in-house design team


Once the new CADs had been done and Tim and Christina gave us the go ahead we sent the design to cast so that the ring could be produce in the flesh. Once this was done our workshops hand set the diamonds in the halo with great precision and then last but by no means least set the 3 main stones of the ring.

Just a few weeks from confirming the ring for casting, the ring was complete. Tim and Christina came back to our London showroom in order to see and collect their beautiful creation.

I know that from the smile on Christina’s face she was very pleased with the ring we helped create for her.

Tim and Christina's Complete Bespoke Ring

Tim and Christina have since returned to choose their wedding bands for their upcoming ceremony in November. From all of us at Seventy Seven Diamonds, we wish them a long and happy life together.

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