About Us

About Us


Welcome, we hope this blog will help you gain a greater understanding about diamonds and diamond jewellery, helping you navigate through the common pitfalls of choosing a diamond or diamond jewellery and who knows, it could even spark a lifelong love affair with this rare and beautiful crystallized carbon gemstone, that is a diamond.

So if you are a novice or budding expert, interested in ethical jewellery, conflict free diamonds, latest diamond jewellery trends, naturally coloured diamonds or just curious what all the fuss is about, this blog is sure to have a little facet for you.

Who we are

Seventy Seven Diamonds is a collection of individuals that came together to form a new kind of jeweller dedicated to making diamond jewellery an affordable luxury. From diverse backgrounds, across jewellery, diamonds and web there is a collective knowledge and experience which brings you beautiful, sleek, classic and modern jewellery combined with one of the largest selections of diamonds, globally, at extremely competitive prices.

So what are you waiting for, dive in and find your own little piece of sparkle!