A Diamond in the rough... Diamonds are NOT for drinking!

A Diamond in the rough… Diamonds are NOT for drinking!

At Seventy Seven Diamonds we are always looking out for new places diamonds can be found. Until this week! We heard of a story that started with good intentions until it went horribly wrong!

At a charity gala help by the Tampa Women’s Club in the US, champagne was on sale at $20 a glass within which each glass has a nice shiny stone… The catch? Of the 400 glasses available, 399 were diamond fakes and 1 lucky buyer would be gifted with a $5000 diamond!

Guest at the event, Miriam Tucker, 80, took a sip of her champagne in order to make the gem more accessible… Until disaster struck and she swallowed the stone by mistake. As luck clearly wasn’t on her side, she kept it to herself until the unvailing of the real diamond!

As the winner was unable to be found, she realised it was her glass that had the real diamond in it! Fortunately, thanks to a great colonoscopist and a lot of anti bacterial clinical cleaning, Miriam is now the owner of a wonderful $5000 diamond.

For more information about diamonds and how not to drink them and how to wear them instead, contact us at : sales@77diamonds.com


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