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8 Considerations When Proposing To Someone

Proposing is likely to be one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences of your life and the pressure to get it just right is enormous. It’s a moment both of you will remember forever, and hopefully it’ll also be a lovely story to share with friends and family.

First things first, get the proposal ring (or a dummy one)

While the majority of people propose with a carefully chosen engagement ring, some opt to play it safe with a token ring and an appointment at the jewellers; so they can go ring shopping together at a later date.

If you think you’d rather choose the ring pre-proposal, we’ve plenty of guidance to offer. To make it really simple, you can purchase a diamond or ring online with us. It’s a stress-free experience as each piece has plenty of information about it, and our experts are available on live 24-hour-chat if you have any questions. Plus, there’s the reassurance of our 30-day returns policy.

Our most popular halo engagement ring, the Aphrodite.

“You’ve found your one and only and we’ll help you find your one in 300,000”

If you feel you’d like more of a one-to-one experience, our showroom appointments are designed to take you through selecting or designing a ring that’s perfect for your partner. You’ve found your one and only and we’ll help you find your one in 300,000 (that’s how many diamonds we have access to). We’ll discuss every detail with you, finding out about your loved one so we can give you the best possible advice. We can show you popular rings; the most dazzling diamond shapes, the best carat sizes for value; and we’ll explain any unfamiliar terminology. We want to make the process fun and memorable; so it becomes part of your unique engagement story.

“We can help you design matching wedding and eternity rings, too”

If you think your loved one would like to be involved in the selection process, we’ll be happy to provide you with a ‘dummy’ engagement ring for the proposal. You can then book a showroom appointment to design something together from scratch or take inspiration from previous client’s creations. Or why not propose with a diamond and then design the setting together? Our expertise doesn’t stop at engagement rings. We can help you create matching wedding and eternity rings, too. We also offer engraving, enabling you to add a personal message to your rings.


77 Diamonds customer Holly was thrilled with her classic 6-claw solitaire ring with a lovely round brilliant diamond

77 Diamonds customer Holly was thrilled with her classic 6-claw solitaire ring with a lovely round brilliant diamond


Next, ask the parents permission

Asking your future father-in-law or family member’s permission will win you big brownie points, and even if they’re not that traditional, it shows respect for the family you’re marrying into. It starts your engagement off on a good foot and, if your proposal involves a few plans, they could be useful to help coordinate.


Location, location, location

Your proposal story is probably going to be retold a lot, so make sure it’s a story worth telling. From a beautiful setting that’s special to you both, to your first holiday destination, or somewhere you’ve always wanted to explore, whisking your loved one away will make it memorable and put you both in a relaxed and happy mood. A fancy meal out or a cosy supper in can be just as romantic. Take the lead from Prince Harry who proposed to Meghan Markle during a night in enjoying roast chicken. Popping the question over Christmas or New Year’s Eve could make the festive season even more magical, or why not pick a birthday or special anniversary to set the tone for your engagement.

The manor where 77 Diamonds customer Francesco proposed.

77 Diamonds customer Francesco proposed in this incredible manor. Make it a moment to remember.


Make the proposal a reflection of her

“Be inspired by a favourite film or song, or simply decorate the room”

Don’t forget to make it personal and make it a reflection of your loved one. A public proposal somewhere busy might not suit a private person, so take time to think about the sort of thing your partner likes and doesn’t like. Be inspired by a favourite film or song, or simply decorate the room with their favourite flowers.


Take inspiration

Why not do a bit of googling for inspiration – or even just to give you an idea of how not to do it. There are plenty of grand-gesture proposals on YouTube, or read our real life proposal stories – two are detailed below.

Altan and Holly
Altan booked his make-up artist girlfriend Holly for a fake job via email pretending to be a bride-to-be named “Louise”. When she knocked on the door of the beautiful Manor House Altan had organised for the pretend makeover, Holly expected the bride-to-be to answer the door. Altan answered instead and said, “Sorry, Louise couldn’t make it” and went on to say how much Holly meant to him, whilst going down on one knee. Altan had arranged for both their families to arrive at the manor the next day – giving them no details except to pack a bag for the weekend – turning the proposal into a celebratory weekend.

Holly and Altan at the manor post proposal

Holly and Altan at the manor post proposal

Taf and Temi
Taf proposed by City Hall in London Bridge having told girlfriend Temi he was taking her to dinner with friends. Upon arrival, he said he had a surprise for Temi pointing her towards a window in which two friends, Taf’s sister and cousin were holding up a “Will you marry me?” sign. Temi burst into tears while Taf got down on one knee.


Taf proposed to Temi overlooking London Bridge


Plan the whole day, not just the proposal

“…think of the proposal as part of a memorable day”

What are you going to do after you’ve popped the question? You could have a romantic picnic or open a bottle of bubbly, or why not involve friends and family and turn the occasion into a big celebration? Whatever you decide, think of the proposal as part of a memorable day.


Don’t forget to insure the ring

“…it’s a good idea to insure the ring so it’s protected in case the sizing isn’t quite right”

If you’re planning on proposing abroad it’s a good idea to insure the ring so it’s protected in case the sizing isn’t quite right. And when packing, attach a note to the ring box to ensure discretion should you get searched at security.


Your happy ever after

“This life-changing event marks an exciting new beginning”

Enjoy the moment and look beyond the proposal. Love is about so much more than popping the question and it’s the little everyday moments that will sustain your togetherness, so look forward and get excited. This life-changing event marks an exciting new beginning.


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