77 Diamonds advice: INSURE YOUR JEWELLERY!

77 Diamonds advice: INSURE YOUR JEWELLERY!

We know the importance of jewellery in a person’s life. Those pieces to be worn on special occasions, engagement rings, ┬áthose diamond studs you wear every day, or maybe it’s your wedding band – the symbol of your biggest commitment – it’s all important. Because of this, we have one suggestion: Please do insure your jewellery!

What can you do to insure your jewellery?

From us, you will get a valuation certificate for your purchased jewellery, this will be at retail value of your item(s) and is the recommended value for insurance purpose.

Check your home and contents insurance – you will already have a policy, and adding one or two extra items is easy enough.

Alternatively, 77 Diamonds works with jewellery insurance company TH March to help you with all your jewellery insurance questions and policies. You can contact them through their website HERE or by calling them on 01822 855555. Quote reference code “AS1 79T” and they will know you’ve bought from us.

For any additional information regarding jewellery insurance do get in touch with us at [email protected]



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