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Polished diamond massages made available in Hollywood for $1 million (£639,775)

Thursday, 12 August 2010 12:42
B. LaGambina
Polished diamond massages made available in Hollywood for $1 million (£639,775)

An American company who offers spa treatments to celebrities and the Hollywood elite has developed a brand new style of massage which uses over $1 million (£639,775) worth of loose diamonds.

The spa, located in Santa Monica, California has joined forces with diamond manufacturer Hearts on Fire to create and deliver their new ‘Dream Girl’ diamond-based massage treatment. The luxury treatments are carried out in the comfort of the clients’ home. One can receive this polished diamond treatment for a cost of $25,000 (£15,999). Celebrities with a taste for fancy facials, expensive hairstyling and other beauty treatments are the main target customers.

After the massage, a-list clients can also receive an extra procedure where 1.5 carats worth of powdered diamonds are laid onto the skin for several minutes. The idea behind this that helps extract ‘electromagnetic toxins’ which are present in the body due to close contact with electromagnetic equipment like computers, mobile phones and microwaves.

The Spa also offers ‘the Solid Gold Treatment’ developed by the Chinese beauty company Umosen which was unveiled in 2007. It works by applying 24 karats of gold leaf onto the face which is massaged into the skin until it is absorbed into the skin so that it is glowing. This is available for a lower price of $400 (£256) to $500 (£321).