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Christie's preview 2011 diamond auction highlights

Thursday, 03 February 2011 09:41
Hannah Powell

This week saw Christie’s open their doors with a collection of their finest pieces going for up for auction this year. Among the fabulous art and furniture being exhibited was a tantalizing selection of fabulous diamond jewellery that will go under the hammer at Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels auction on 18 May.

Among the limited selection of pieces on display was a stunningly perfect 56.15 carat un-mounted heart-shape diamond. Estimated between $9,000,000 - $12,000,000, the diamond is also classified as D IF, making it a certifiable rarity. The small but impressive selection also featured rare coloured diamonds, earrings by enigmatic Parisian jeweller JAR and a rather beautiful diamond fleur-de-lys tiara.

The two-day viewing of highlights from a selection of auctions taking place before June of this year closed yesterday, although these exhibitions do take place reguarly throughout the year.