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$14,000 diamond dress - the most expensive prom dress ever

Thursday, 03 March 2011 09:48
Hannah Powell
$14,000 diamond dress - the most expensive prom dress ever

If you were wonderinghow to make a striking entrance at your prom this year, fear not, brand Dress Goddess has just created the ultimate prom queen's gown - a diamond dress.

Valued at $14,000, the dress is adorned with diamonds each and every one of which is hand sewn through the bodice, and features a thigh-high slit that "epitomises striking Hollywood glamour."

Believed to be the most expensive prom dress ever made, the gown has already been compared to Victoria's Secret famous $2million diamond-encrusted bra, modelled last year by Adriana Lima.

For girls worried that this means they'll have to forego the red-ribboned convertible daddy promised, there is a cheaper alternative priced at $398 which replaces the diamonds with shimmering sequins and beads.

So there is a way to have your prom dress and drive it.