Diamond Shapes- Asscher

1_Loose Diamond_Yellow Gold_Asscher_Thumb

Today we are looking at the Asscher cut, a diamond shape which embodies timeless elegance. Similar to the Emerald cut that we looked at yesterday, the Asscher is a rectangular shape. However, it’s prismatic brilliance and sparkle makes it unique!

One of the best things about the Asscher cut diamond is the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ optical illusion, a fascinating and original feature. This is created by the cut’s deep pavilion, faceted cutlet, high crown and small table, which are labelled in the diagram below…

Top, Side and Bottom view of the Asscher Cut Diamond

The cut was developed in the early 20th Century by Joseph Asscher, owner of a diamond company in Amsterdam. It gained popularity in the 1920s, when the stylish Art Deco movement was at its peak. The new millennium saw a redesign of this cut; additional facets and new specifications meant that the Asscher cut diamond had an even more brilliant shine, and it once again gained popularity.

Today, the Asscher cut diamond is a stylish and elegant choice for jewellery. Classic and vintage styles help to evoke 1920s charm, such as this 1477 Vintage ring from our collection. This is a truly classic ring…

4_1477 Vintage_Platinum_Asscher_Thumb3_1477 Vintage_Platinum_Asscher_Thumb2_1477 Vintage_Platinum_Asscher_Thumb1_1477 Vintage_Platinum_Asscher_Thumb5_1477 Vintage_Platinum_Asscher_Thumb

1477 Vintage

The Asscher cut also looks stunning as part of  a trilogy, giving an even more dazzling effect! This Barcelona ring is a personal favourite…

4_Barcelona_Rose Gold_Asscher_Thumb3_Barcelona_Rose Gold_Asscher_Thumb2_Barcelona_Rose Gold_Asscher_Thumb1_Barcelona_Rose Gold_Asscher_Thumb5_Barcelona_Rose Gold_Asscher_Thumb


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