A Twitter Proposal! DJ Deadmau5 and tattoo artist Kat Von D are engaged!

As we’re now in the year 2013, we expect to be at the forefront of technology and society, so it comes as no surprise that when DJ Deadmau5 decided to propose to his girfriend he use the most modern way possible… Twitter!

Picture: FilmMagic

After Tweeting those 5 little words, Deadmau5 recieved the answer he was looking for through the same means to which he asked it.

Twitter / Deadmau5

Twitter / KatVonD

Their volatile on off relationship has caused a lot of speculation as to whether or not the engagement would last. Deadmau5 tweeted earlier last month the progress of the ring he was having designer for Kat showing the theme but informing us of the changes to be made.

Twitter / Deadmau5

So with the question popped and the proposal accepted, we were delight to see Kat Von D post online the images of the final ring. Reflecting their passions and personalities, the ring has a beautiful black diamond centre piece surround by skulls.

Instagram / Kat Von D

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